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Doc Holliday 12-24-2011 09:20 PM

New Dog. Problems.
New male nine month old Husky/German Shepard mix. Roomate brought it home last night. Duchess, my (I say mine as I brought her home last year for the roomote after their pup died of Parvo and the little girl was sad but in actuality Duchess is hers or theirs but I take care of her and love her like my own) one year old boxer something mix is okay with her when they're by themselves but as soOn as someone is around she starts a fight. It happened last night, they were all good for the first hour after the new dog arrived, together in the back yard with my older 6 year old girl, Pumpkin, in my room with me.

Btw, Pumpkin and Duchess are inseperable. They both sleep in my room every night, play together and have no problems with feeding side by side.

So back to last night. I opened the window and Duchess jumped up to have her head scratched and get some attention, the usual when she's in the back yard and I open my window. Her and Pumpkin do that all the time, no problems. When the new pup tried it it was on, instantly. Duchess was all over the dog. New dog was submissive.

Just now though in the garage Duchess and the new dog have been together for an hour. Myself and my roomate went in there. Dogs were okay. Then the roomate left and her little girl came in. Instantly Duchess attacked but this time when the little girl grabbed Duchess and pulled her back the new pup went berserk and attacked Duchess. It looked possessed, evil, ferocious, like it wanted to kill.

Problems, alway dog problems. I wish they wouldn't have brought it home.

JackDidley 12-24-2011 10:30 PM

First thing someone has to do is become top dog. You, I guess. Can only be one pack leader. Has to be established. Then the dogs will fall in line. Next put the dogs on leashes. Take the dogs and the kids and anybody else that is involved for a walk around the block. At first keep the dogs apart. gradually bring them together. Side by side. May take a few tries. Should work though.

Ironlight 12-24-2011 11:54 PM

You need to approach introducing two dogs together in the same living space with a bit more reflection. Duchess is the dominant dog...for the time being at least, and has existing relationships with the various people that live with you. The new dog is going to try and find it's place and if it is under a year old it is going to test boundaries.

First big question. Has it been neutered? If not, do it NOW.

It attacked Duchess, despite having previously behaved submissively, because it saw Duchess being restrained. It saw an opportunity to assert itself. It's why some dogs act aggressively/dominantly around dogs on a leash when they are not. It's why dogs that are being restrained or are on a leash often act aggressively. It changes the perceived pecking order.

It's going to take a couple of weeks to get these dogs comfortable with each other. The best thing you can do is remember they are dogs and treat them like dogs. That means understanding pack dynamics and not trying to force them to be warm and fuzzy all the time with each other. Let them know who is boss, and understand that they are going to jockey for dominance, and perhaps violently on occasion, until they have it settled between them. I'm not saying to let them go at each other but rather to expect a period of "working it out".

Be very careful with things that are going to cause friction and possessiveness, such as food, chew toys, and affection from family members. And don't try and impose a hierarchy on them. They need to figure it out for themselves.

If things go well they will become inseparable pack mates and best friends. However, it is possible that they'll continue to attack each other on occasion. But for the time being try and remove stimuli that will cause conflict and let them get to know each other.

Be the pack leader and be consistent in how you treat them. That is the best course of action if you're not going to formally train them.

Doc Holliday 12-25-2011 01:01 AM

Pumpkin is officially the only dog of mine. The other two belong to the roOmates but now, tonight, Duchess and the new dog are out in the garage, new dog in a kennel and Duchess free. I have my old couch in there, she's passed out on it. She used to sleep on the loveseat in my room, so she wouldn't be alone at night or not be treated like Pumpkin was.

That's the thing, I know all about pack dynamics and training dogs. 95% of my life has been with dogs in my home, since I was born.

The roomates don't understand anything. Duchess is their dog but she simply got the hang of things (not running off, coming when called, etc.) through my dog. She realized quickly her place and that is not because Pumpkin ever attacked her albeit she has given her more than her fair share of very stern warnings but being around a mature dog and a friendly one.

My dog I've never needed a leash for. They didn't train Duchess whatsoever. They didn't get her a kennel to potty train her or anything so she had many indoor accidents this past year. They also don't understand that once a dog has a kennel that it see's it as it's own sanctuary and enjoys it, goes there even when not told to if it wants some alone time or whatever. They've never once walked that dog and now they have a new one.

That's what really gets me. I know the young girl "loves" ( I use that term loosely, it wouldn't take three days for her to forget her if something happened) Duchess but no one else is helping her with it, not her older sister and not her mother. They simply do nothing. I felt terrible for Duchess so stepped in. Hell, I saved that dogs life, from Parvo. And I named her.

Along the way I mentally crossed lines as I do love that dog and will remember her for the rest of my life, but there's only so much I can do without really stepping on anyone's toes so again, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place as now with the new dog one of them will fair worse than the other as 1.) they don't know how to care for a dog so what's going to happen now with two?, 2.) they force themselves to act like they care, especially when I'm around and loving and polaying with my dogs and they in return show me affection and are just being happy dogs-they get jealous and act all "this dog belongs to me" (last night when Duchess and the new one got into it I didn't care, I went right past one of the official owners-roomate's older daughter- and brought Duchess into my room. I was not going to give anyone a choice in the matter and she seeminlgy got pissed) and, 3.) Duchess is already suffering as she's not receiving the attention she deserved in the first place from them, it's all about the new dog. Again, only when I come into the room it's all "Oh Duchess, I love you mama" bs. Makes me want to puke. They have never walked that dog, only love it on their terms, when they have the time or are bored.

And the best part of it is that more than once has Duchess gone without food. Not on my account or watch but if they can't keep food for one big dog how can they afford it for two?

It just makes no f-ing sense at all.

Doc Holliday 12-25-2011 01:11 AM

For her tenth b-day a few moths ago I bought the little girl a brand new electric guitar and amp. Nothing fancy, she had seen it on the internet and wanted it, asked her mother. Her mother, not being able to afford the accompanying amp for an electric guitar as well said no so I bought the combo for her.

Maybe about the first week she was interested in it. I taught her a few scales and simple 4/4 beats to keep and that was it, haven't heard anything about that guitar since and she never practices on her own, never practices period.

She's ten and for Christmas wanted another dog for Duchess, to keep her company so her mom and her went yesterday and picked up this mutt that someone was giving away. So far it's all about this new one but the girl is ten and has an attention span of a toothpick. Even that dog is not being taken care of, all kennelled and alone. And Duchess is now out in the garage because they have this new dog when she should be in the house, in my room as she's gotten used to. She's been sleeping with myself and Pumpkin for months.

I don't like that one bit.

Tom Struble 12-25-2011 07:52 AM

dogs are better than people:)

Jay 78 12-25-2011 08:34 AM


Originally Posted by JackDidley (Post 802372)
First thing someone has to do is become top dog.

I agree with this, but...

Originally Posted by JackDidley (Post 802372)
Can only be one pack leader.

I disagree. Yes, a human has to lead the pack, but I would argue that as long as the dog(s) understand that the humans reign supreme, more than one person can lead/dominate the dogs. Of course, this requires all participating humans to be on the same page regarding the treatment of the animals and consistent enforcement of the rules. Unfortunately, that appears unlikely to happen in this case.

Sorry Doc, from my perspective, I see only two solutions to this, neither of which are feasible: Claim and train all dogs as your own, or pack your bags and flee. There's anarchy here, and as long as there's anarchy, there will be problems. The problems the dogs are having aren't the fault of the dogs themselves - it's just a byproduct of the real problem, which is a lack of leadership and discipline from the roommates, particularly the adult roommates, as no child can handle this alone. If anything, the kid is probably unwittingly exacerbating the problems. Until/unless the root of the problem is addressed, I don't see how anything will change.

Sometimes the humans need more training than the dogs do. A dog needs to be treated like a dog, not like a human, while at the same time being treated as an equally important member of the family/pack. Some people will never grasp the huge responsibility of dog ownership - the training, the exercise, the discipline. Those people would be better off with a parakeet.

Doc Holliday 12-25-2011 10:22 AM

I could not agree any more. I told the roomates the first night, two days ago, when they first brought that dog home it was a terrible idea. I then told them yesterday upon more careful observation of the stupidity of it all, on the morning of Christmas Eve, that I was now officially looking to move.

I just put Pumpkin and Duchess back together for the first time, let them meander and play together out front. Two inseperable peas in a pod the two of them.

They actually love each other. You can tell it by not only their body language, the light in their eyes when they're together but by the smiles on their faces and yes, dogs smile.

It's not going to be easy saying goodbye to Duchess.

Thanks everyone.

Doc Holliday 12-25-2011 11:01 AM

Here's the new muTt, Bear. What an unoriginal name if ever there was one.

Doc Holliday 12-25-2011 11:18 AM

This is my girl, Pumpkin.

And Pumpkin and Duchess during the good old days.

Doc Holliday 12-25-2011 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by Doc Holliday (Post 802650)
Here's the new muTt, Bear. What an unoriginal name if ever there was one.

This little retard attacked me this evening. Next time will be it's last.

JackDidley 12-25-2011 10:29 PM

Pumpkin looks like a great dog. I used to have one very similar.

Doc Holliday 12-26-2011 09:59 AM

Pumpkin is a great dog, best I've ever had, thanks. Both of yours look to be as well.

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