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RyanTC 06-28-2009 09:35 AM

Need Your Feedback Please
Hi everyone - I'm not trying to sell you anything in this post. Instead, I'm looking for your feedback.

I have a skill that involves creating websites that rank very well in the search engines. It's a skill that I apply to my full-time marketing job with a NJ printing company...and a skill I apply to my own network of websites.

I'm in the process of creating a website for an electrican friend of mine that has his own business, but has zero online presence. The website is still being built and has no content yet, but you can see the general layout here:

sherrylynnselectric DOT com

It's very clean and simple which I feel is crucial. You want someone to come to your website and not be overwhelmed.

So it got me thinking...there are probably many other tradesmen (plumbers, electricians, etc.) that don't have an online presence but should. Think of it as your virtual business card that sells for you 24/7. It also boosts your professional image.

So my idea is to build websites for tradesmen that I'm very confident I could get ranked in the search engines for local keywords. This would be free traffic, not the traffic you pay for. The websites I would build would use the same layout as the website above, but with their own custom logo, color scheme and business information.

Here are the 7 general steps I would take:

Step 1: Register a domain for you
Step 2: Custom design a logo for you
Step 3: Do keyword research for you to target the appropriate local keywords i.e. [your town, your state] electrician, [your county] electrician
Step 4: Build a website for you using your logo, desired color scheme, business information and optimize it for the keywords identified in step 3
Step 5: Create Google and Yahoo sitemaps for your website so the search engines can find it
Step 6: Submit your website to YellowPages and Google Local to start generating business
Step 7: On an ongoing basis, I would optimize the website through link building so you rank in Google and Yahoo...and I would also maintain the website.

So that's it. I'm sorry this post is long...I wanted you to have the details so you can give me your feedback.

So my questions to you are:

1. Do you think this is a service that would be helpful? If not, why?
2. What would you expect to pay for a service like this?
3. How can I make this service better?

Thank you very very much for your feedback.


yummy mummy 06-28-2009 09:45 AM

.........sounds like you are selling to me..........

RyanTC 06-28-2009 11:41 AM

I apologize, I'm really not. I don't even have the business set up. I'm just doing market research before I put forth the effort.

I posted this in an electrician forum as well and someone said the same obviously I wrote my post incorrectly. :(

I gave the amount of detail I did so I could hopefully get back some thorough feedback.

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