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dkberry 04-18-2005 05:42 AM

Need help with welding trailer
got an old trailer that has lasted me well but has seen better days... most of the metal frame is sound but a box section at the front has rotted away and now makes it un-towable :(
I have stripped off the wooden sides and base (marine ply) but now need advice... is it possible to repair??? how much clean metal do I need to attempt to weld on a new section??? will a welded section ever be strong enough to carry the load??? or should I just cut it all up with my angle grinder and take it to the dump???

I can take a pic and post it up if I can find someone to give me an 'expert' opinion :)

MgMopar 04-19-2005 12:28 PM

Yea, old rusted traleri can and will be repaired. Not all are worthy but if it is soild except for the toung tube this can be replaced. I am not sure if a photo will be good enough to tell but post it and I can give advice. What is the trailer used for/ weight and tong load? is the section of box tubing at the trailer rotted or just the tong end? If you have good weldable steel it can be sleeved with a overlap and holes drill in the outer tube sa as to be plug welded in addtion to the end weld. This would have to be mig or arc welding (oxy-acetylene not recompense for structural steel and would weaken the metal too much.If you are not at all experienced as a welder you may just want to try and get a repair cost from a local welder or repair shop.

daman3178 08-07-2005 11:07 PM

Do agree with MgMoper here, as long as you are a good enough welder it should be fine. I have welded many section on many different trailers and never had problems with them. If you are that good I would get someone to do it, but will warn you most welders are proud and it might cost a little but is the trailer is worth it, I say go for it!!!

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