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cari 04-16-2010 10:56 AM

Need advice on changing from one sink to two in bathroom
I am about to remodel my master bath and we are gutting the bathroom. I am going from one sink in the vanity to two. It is a 60" vanity with marble top and furniture like bottom from Lowe's. We are gutting ourselves and we have no experience with this.

I am going to hire a plumber to do this work but have received three quotes and three ways of doing it so I am a bit confused.

My question is: Can we use the existing plumbing to go from the one sink to two? What would be a ball park figure (expected amount) that I should expect to pay for this job?

Three plumbers, three ideas, three different prices: $200, $600, $1200.

I can post pictures if this would help give me an answer.

Just Bill 04-17-2010 06:23 AM

This is a DIY site, we do not supply estimates.

Yes, you can use the existing single drain for two sinks. It is a faily simple thing to do, if you know how. There are some good DIY plumbing books at home/hardware stores. I would bet that they cover this procedure.

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