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syphon 08-03-2005 12:03 PM

Mashed screw thread
I need to take the door pannel of my car and there is a screw which the head has been mashed and i am unable to remove it. I need to take it off so i can fit central locking.

Does anyone know how i can remove this screw??



MgMopar 08-04-2005 03:53 PM

I have used valve lapping compound on the tip of my screwdriver in the past to give much more grip while removing a damaged screw.

I found this tool online a bit pricey but it may be the ticket or maybe similar ones might be cheaper. I did see something like it at a local hardware store but I can reamer what the price was.

At last resort you can remember drill the head off of it then once the panel is removed work with the mess without damaging the panel. If you try this keep the drill slow and use a sharp bit to keep the heat down most door panels don't like heat.

syphon 08-04-2005 04:08 PM

Thanks i will try this!

daman3178 08-07-2005 11:02 PM

Don't know if you have use of a welder, but I have use one in this case before. I welded another screw to the messed up screw and let it sit a little and cool then try removing the screw and both should come out since they are now connected!!

nicknackynoo 08-19-2005 02:04 AM


Unfortunately I've had this problem only too often, working on ships in the sea environment soon does horrible things to fastenings!

Your firts option is to go to your local friendly garage and borrow whats called an ' easy out' set. This involves drilling a hole and screwing in the easy out which looks a bit like a screw but has a left hand thread, so as it goes in it gets tighter while applying opposite torque to the offending screw which tries turning anticlockwise with the tool.

If you can't get hold of this tool then just drill out the the old one.
This leaves you with a hole bigger than the previous screwhole with no thread.
You can either put a new thread in with a 'tap' (again you will have to get hold of a kit with various sizes in) choose a tap that is slightly larger than thye hole its going into. Taps are good because they make standard sixe threads so B&Q or the motor shop should have one to fit the hole!

Lastly, you can buy threaded inserts that fit in the hole and are held in place by using a tool on them a bit like a pop rivet gun.

As you can see you are going to have to make friends with a mechanic or splash out on the tools that you may never use again!

Best of luck

MgMopar 08-21-2005 08:37 PM

In my opinion easy outs are basically useless when you get down to screw sizes. If you are 1/4 or larger say about 5 1/2 to 6 mm. Then easy outs are a possibility, and 5/16 or 8mm or larger they become one of the first options ("bolts"). Basically the same with welding. Anything under 1/4" diam is normally better to try and get it out or just drill it out. Seriously when plastic door panels are near by. I am sure there are some to disagree. But when trim and door panels or in the mix it is hard to disagree. They are generally made of all plastic and you must get them out of the way before heat or much tooling is applied or accessible. Door pulls are generally at least 1 1/2" deep before the screw hole. that makes most easy out difficult. Anything else on the door is much smaller screws. That doesn't receive an easy out all to well. But I hope the simple ways worked for syphon and he got the job done without making too much of a mess.

If the need to drill a faster is required the fasteners nicknackynoo mentioned are a very good option. Although you do need the setting tool.

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