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gma2rjc 02-08-2009 01:16 PM

Make Money At Home! (A discussion about Scams)
Sounds like a dream come true doesn't it? "Make Money At Home". I was listening to a talk-radio show (Kim Komando) a few minutes ago. Her show is about electronics, computers etc. She was talking about internet scams. A guy called her and told about the scam he and his wife were 'involved' in.

His wife got an email saying she could earn $50,000 at home. She knew it had to be a scam, but she went along with it, just out of curiosity. For two weeks she and her husband emailed back and forth with this company twice a day. The company finally told her to expect a money order for $50,000 in the mail in a few days. She didn't have to do anything to earn it, except deposit it in her bank account and send them $5,000 of it. A couple days later she did get a money order for that amount. Her husband called the phone number of the people who sent it (from Pennsylvania) and talked to a guy who said it is his ex-wife's business and she doesn't live there anymore but is still using his address and phone number. Mmmm Hmmmm.

The caller and his wife called American Express to see if they had issued that money order. American Excess forwarded the phone call to their security office who said it was a photo copy of a real M.O. and the couple was asked to mail them the M.O. and copies of all correspondence to A.Ex. right away. The couple did that and never heard anything from the people they were suppose to send the $5,000 to or from Am. Express.

I've heard of this scam being done through the mail and I got one similar to it once. But hearing the caller on that radio show tell about it first-hand was pretty interesting. He said it seemed legitimate, but knew that if it sounded too good to be true, it probably was.

It's pretty scarey to think that there are probably a lot of people who would fall for this and end up being in trouble with their bank and the law.

Has anyone reading this had an experience with a scam, large or small (other than the amount of taxes taken from you each year...LOL) or know anyone who has?

DangerMouse 02-08-2009 01:56 PM

i can tell you how to get rich at home too!
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Nestor_Kelebay 02-08-2009 03:42 PM

That's a well known scam, Gma2rjc.

They send you a big cheque and you're supposed to send them a small amount back. But, the cheque they send you is no good. So, you end up out of pocket on the deal with no way to get your money back.

Don't even respond to those e-mails. If you do, then whomever sent it knows that it's a valid e-mail address, and he'll use the responses to compile lists of valid e-mail addresses and then sell them to spammers.

7echo 02-08-2009 09:30 PM

One of my wife's co-workers actually fell for the nigerian scam.

I read a story about some guys that scam the scammers. At one point they sent several boxes of junk that were supposed to be new computers. The scammer had to pay the fgt when he picked it up. It was pretty funny reading that story.

gma2rjc 02-08-2009 10:00 PM


One of my wife's co-workers actually fell for the nigerian scam.
Did she come out of it okay - financially? What I mean is, I hope she didn't owe thousands of dollars to her bank.

Scuba_Dave 02-08-2009 10:43 PM

Anybody wanna buy a bridge?
I string them along only enough to get a valid e-mail address
Then I get the e-mail address shut off, I've also had a few web-sites shut down
Most of these were the Nigerian puppy scam, they kept posting on Boston Craigslist
For some reason they seem to have stopped :D

gma2rjc 02-08-2009 11:57 PM

About that bridge, it wouldn't happen to be the Brooklyn Bridge, would it? Sorry, I already own it. In fact, I bought it twice. Once in Brooklyn and once in the Bronx. LOL

Have you ever heard anything back about the scammer's website's you've turned in? It's nice that you do that.

I don't think I've ever heard of the Nigerian puppy scam.

I did stupidly fall for one stupid-@$$ scam last fall. I was on the computer - not that I'm on it very much :whistling2: -- but a screen kept popping up saying that my anti-virus subscription had expired and there were x-number of viruses detected on my computer. I thought it was the Norton Antivirus program I had and the subscription had run out. In the past that was how they let me know that my one-year subscription was about to expire. So, that night I typed in my credit card number and pretty much gave someone in a hut with a computer, in a foriegn country $79.99 to put a virus on my friggen' computer! Luckily, I just happened to be talking to my friends husband a few days later and mentioned the 'Norton Antivirus' I bought and how, even though I paid for it already, the same screen kept popping up every few minutes telling me to buy the program. He said, "Oh, no! It's not the Antivirus 2008, is it?" Well, of course it was. He told me, "Barb, you just paid to have a virus put on your computer." But, after a phone call to my credit card company to tell them not to accept the charges from that company (also cancelling that card immediately) and, after calling the number the scammers listed with the credit card company and then deciphering the scamming-moron's feeble attempt at speaking the English language, I did eventually get the money credited back to my account and there wasn't a virus on my computer after all. Well, there was a lot more to it than what I've described such as: frustration, swearing at myself, kicking myself in the @$$ and complete disbelief that I fell for such a stupid scam. But it turned out okay, because now I'm overly careful about even clicking on emails from people or businesses I don't recognize. Doh!...... :wallbash:

DangerMouse 02-09-2009 06:20 AM

i NEVER click on any emails from anyone i don't know. will stop it too. Opera browser tells me it's spam too. (as if i needed telling, but some people do)


Leah Frances 02-09-2009 08:54 AM

some dude on craig's list tried to sell my husband a Kubota tractor for a good but not too-good-to-be-true price. He wanted us to pay shipping first - FOB (wait for it) from Hawaii.

majakdragon 02-09-2009 10:42 AM

The newest of these scams I have personally seen is from an e-mail I received. They stated they were a company hired to check-up on Walmart located Western Union locations. They would send me Traveler Checks to send through Money Gram at Walmart and I would get $250 for each check I sent. Now for the really strange part. I e-mailed Western Union, with the scam e-mail included, and after waiting a full week, they replied that it was "probably" a scam. DUH, I already knew that.

gma2rjc 02-09-2009 09:10 PM

I don't know if this is a new or old scam, but it's a pretty serious one if you're the one getting the bill.

You'll get a message on your answering machine or voice mail from someone asking you to call them back regarding the death or illness of someone you know, money you've won, etc. The number you are suppose to call will have the area code - (809), (284) or (876). When you call that number you are unknowingly calling the Dominican Republic, Canada or the Carribean and paying outrageous international calling fees. You won't know about it until you get your phone bill, which could easily be thousands of dollars.

I got an email warning me about this today. This scam sounds vaguely familiar, but with all the B.S. emails that get passed around, I wasn't really sure. So I called AT&T this afternoon and the customer service rep. confirmed everything that was in the email. I thought I'd pass it along, even though some people may have already heard about it.

7echo 02-10-2009 06:30 AM

My wifes co-worker that took the nigerian scam bait ended up losing a few hundred bucks.

I had a guy that worked for me that wasn't very net savy. He told me he needed more mail space. The IT guys told me his email was packed with spam. I asked him what was up with his email and he told me got lots of mail and it took him forever to go through it all. He was clicking on all those little flashing links that say 'you are the millionth', 'instant winner', 'get a free laptop', etc. He told me he was expecting his new laptop shortly. He was replying to EVERYTHING, not just reading the stuff. The IT guys weren't happy.

DangerMouse 02-10-2009 07:56 AM

say Barb.... i think you should have named this thread differently. these morons think it's a place to spam now! lol


Scuba_Dave 02-10-2009 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by Scuba_Dave (Post 227458)
Anybody wanna buy a bridge?
I string them along only enough to get a valid e-mail address
Then I get the e-mail address shut off, I've also had a few web-sites shut down
Most of these were the Nigerian puppy scam, they kept posting on Boston Craigslist
For some reason they seem to have stopped :D

Just had another yahoo e-mail shut off
I don't fill out forms, I forward the E-mail to them & reference an old fraud alert. They used to reply that they needed more info, wasn't a lot they could do. Months ago I told them they WOULD shut the E-mails off or they would get e-mails from me daily/hourly until they did. So they decided it was a better use fo their time to shut the spammers down then keep replying to my e-mails

Blondesense 02-16-2009 01:33 PM

I've never fallen for a e-mail scam, although I have received quite a few.

A few years ago there was a scam going that almost caught us. It told people to to check their computer for a certain file. If you found the file it was a virus and you need to delete it right away. DH got the email. I checked it out on Snopes. It wasn't a virus, it was a joke and the file specified was just a seldom used file in Windows.

A great resource, not only for checking out the scams, but also for checking out the "be on the lookout" warnings that get mass mailed to everyone and their dog by well meaning friends is It's also great to check out those "It happened to a friend of a friend... really!" stories.
I am not affiliated with this site by any means, or have any financial interest in it, I just think it is well worth passing on.

Also, it's fun to poke around there!

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