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BabsHoney 09-17-2012 12:11 AM

So, I don't post that often but I do log into this forum almost every day. Between work at my mom's new house, her house for sale, and my own house I am LOVING everything that I am learning as a DIYer.
Today I had a conversation with my husband that I thought was so dang hilarious i just couldn't help but share:

Background: our house is craptastic due to previous owner's shoddy work. We have no outdoor faucets, so in the upcoming power washing we are talking about the "outdoor" faucet in our laundry room and just making it work somehow. Today hubby says:

"why don't we just makeshift with some PVC and connectors and have outdoor faucets?"

Me: "uh, honey, we are going to do this right, no makeshift in my house."

Hubby: "but the rest of the house is makeshift, so what does it matter?"

Me: "the stuff in our house is not correct and not up to code, and we will NOT do it that way"

Hubby: "but it would be easier"

Me: "are you effing kidding me?!?"

Hubby: "I'm kidding if that's what you want...."

*smacks forehead*

creeper 09-17-2012 05:47 AM

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"craptastic." lol. Some of the mistakes you find from prior owners are vomitrocious

I've learned alot here also. Have you had any showings yet?

BabsHoney 09-17-2012 09:14 AM

Ugh, no!
Lots of calls, but as soon as I say $485, I get the whole... "ok, well I'll talk to so-and-so and call you back!"
No call backs. :(

It genuinely is worth what she's asking for but in this area that's a LOT. You can't really tell that from the road so a lot of people are calling without realizing just what it is.
I'm actually surprised that I haven't had a single call from any realtors. I figured that would be the bulk of it. :-/

creeper 09-17-2012 09:40 AM

Here's a suggestion:

Look up the brokerages in the surrounding area. Their websites should have a list of the Agents and their email address.

Make up a nice but short feature sheet. Too lengthy and you'll lose your reader. Email them all. Start the email by stating how much you will pay co-operating Agents.

Or..hold an Agents only open house at a specific time ...lure them in with the promise of a draw and a prize such as a gas card or something

Good Luck

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