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This guy is our Republican representative. Our glorious Democratic representative is the guy that voted to pass Obama Care at the last minute of the process. In return for his voting in favor of the bill he was given secret backdoor pork barrel concessions for the state. He is also somewhat of a scumbag.

After he voted in favor of the bill he returned home to Omaha where he and his wife and some friends were seen coming into a Pizza Hut to eat. Someone stood up and identified him to everyone there and all the other patrons began to boo him. It got so bad they had to leave the restaurant. He's finished. He is now running local ads throughout our state trying to save his a$$ and his job.


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Typical government morons.

So this jerk is going to "monitor the EPA" for you? What a pal! I hope he didn't break his arm patting himself on the back.

If or when he gets voted out, I wouldn't put it past him to contact the EPA to suggest they enact the 'dust' law anyway. Out of spite.

When is someone going to pass legislation taxing the hot air that politicians expel each time they open their mouth? Obviously it's 10x worse for the earth than the methane produced by cows. Oh my, now I've gone and offended cows.

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Just about as sensible as "pollution credits". Big companies buying out small manufacturing plants that can't afford to implement pollution controls. Then they shut the plants down, lay off the workers and claim the reduction in pollution tonnage as a percentage of their improved air quality. Put ads in the paper telling us how "Eco-friendly" their company is and the tree huggers think it's wonderful. Now all the goods that small plant once made are produced in China who couldn't give a rat's rear about pollution and the products contain god knows what, and the former plant workers buy it with their un-employement checks. Yup, sounds like a good plan to me.....


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