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user1007 12-24-2009 08:11 AM

Last Minute Christmas Gift Suggestions
I know it is the 24th and some are scrambling about what to give the woman in your life as you think about last minute gifts. I joke that they love countertop appliances and cheap $6 fragrance with like a really, really important celebrity name attached. Most can be had with chocolate bars, and stockings too. If you sauce them up enough with a couple bottles of Andre bubbly for $4 each on sale this time of year?

One year my extended family called me to ask help for what to give my Godmother/Aunt for Christmas. All I could think of was a toaster. The flying toaster screen saver was on my screen. And maybe something else I remembered she had always wanted came to mind. All the kids pitched in and give her a restaurant quality toaster. Nothing more.

My family has always done presents on Christmas Eve. She was beyond pissed and beyond forgiveness. She slept badly on Christmas Eve.

Next morning, she was kidnapped by a fool dressed up as Santa that was willing to inflate a hot air balloon in December and she was taken on a 2 hour ride, with champaign, over the Illinois prairie. Balloon people used to be part of the landscape here. She got over being slighted with a toaster quickly. It was something she really wanted to do.

Think outside the box.

And don't forget, as you last minute shop, there is a kid out there that will probably not get a toy for Christmas if you do not donate one. A nice stuffed animal will suffice. There has to be a Toys for Tots drop off site near you. What you just spent on gift wrap and ribbons could make a make difference donated to the charity of your choice in your area.

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