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Originally Posted by hyunelan2 View Post
There is nothing wrong with speaking many languages (txt is a language) - the error comes in using the wrong language in the wrong place. I'm not going to get very far if I walk into a Mexican restaurant and order in Chinese.
I agree, but nobody here is suggesting that we do away with actual english classes and replace them with texting classes. I think a lot of people forget that American English is constantly evolving.

To your point, many here are concerned because people who are posting here, on the internet, are using language and grammer considered acceptable here, on the internet.......


Those who can, do...
Those who can't criticize on the internet

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How are things in your guys' part of the country when it comes to applying for jobs? I know if you bring in a resume to my company in person, it goes right to the trash. They won't even look at it. Either you apply online, or you don't apply at all. And they even dumb down the online application with buttons to click instead of actually having to type in a response..
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I personally can't stand the whole "ah it's the internet, I don't need to worry about spelling and grammar" attitude. You're asking people for help - at least have the d@mn decency to "TRY" to properly structure a sentence.

English is my second language .... I guess i feel that if I can figure it out, anyone should be able to.

At the very least learn the difference between there, they're and their as well as your and you're.

OK, rant over.
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My 2 grandsons are 8 years old and one is taking Chinese classes in school and the other is taking Spanish (their choices). They both have their own cell phones (necessities now) and probably will be able to text in two languages if the phone have a switchable characters. If they have two languages, the are close to being on an even playing field with others their age in other countries, since most other young people can handle 3 or more. It is rare to travel and find an adult person that only speaks 1 or 2 languages.

I think the extra languages are great ( they will probably be able to communicate with each other on a year or two back and forth in Spanish and Chinese), but I do not like the abortion of spelling and grammar caused by texting for that purpose only.



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