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Wow, I'm sure you've got a lot of crazy stories to tell. Some you probably don't even want to talk about!


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Originally Posted by AtlanticWBConst. View Post
1.) Making guns illegal for legal citizens to own, (in an effort to stop crime) - is the equivalent of making it illegal for people to drive cars, as an effort to stop drunk drivers.

2.) Review the amount of crime committed with other weapons in countries that have outlawed firearms. England = They still have crime. They now use baseball bats, knives, swords, and other weapons - to commit their crimes.

3.) A firearm is only a "weapon" when it is used to harm another person. The same can be said for a vehicle, a brick, a 2x4, a sharpened tree branch = anything.

4.) Think of it. A sign on a college campus with a law that states that it is illegal to bring guns there - is NOT going to stop the nutjob that is hell-bent on a shooting spree.

5.) Criminals ALWAYS have (and will have) access to firearms (and other deadly weapons). This is regardless of what any laws in the land stipulate. Taking firearms out of the hands of upright, law-abiding, sane citizens = is simply making them easy targets. There was a documentary about this. The went into prisons and interviewed hardened criminals, who stated "they had no fear of any stupid laws that are supposed to govern handguns". They will use whatever means are necessary to get what they want, including carrying and using illegal handguns. The only thing that they were weary of, were areas that allowed legal citizens the right to defend themselves with legal firearms.

6.) Read this (an experienced Police Officers observations): http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_1_5/128...he_Basics.html

I wish no ill will, or harm - to anyone. However, there are very, very, bad and warped individuals out there who do not feel the same. They are walking our streets and possibly living next door to us (Its in the news all the time). These people have no regard for fairness, morality, or even human life....

With all due respect I will say that your 1st point is the one that is an improper comparison. Your need to carry a firearm is not even almost comparable as your need to own an auto.

Further, we are talking about injuries and DEATH caused by gunfire, so my point is in fact quite relevant.

If mentally unstable individuals could not easily aquire a gun then the gun related crime rate would have to affected.

As I've already stated its all too easy for me to sit in my comfy enviroment and pass judgement, when I have no real experience with major crime, so I'm not gonna start being an opinionated windbag. Its just how I see it so far. ( I count my lucky stars to be where I am. When I first moved into the area, the "crime" that made it into the local newspaper was that Mrs. Jones had a flower pot stolen from her front porch)
Besides. I'd much rather hear funny stories from cops then ones that are likely to sadden me

My apologies as I'm the one who asked the intial question

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I joined The Corps pretty late (23) so I didn't start doing police work until I was 27.

Worst calls

Lots of them, but luckily no kids. Buddy of mine from the academy had a senior citizen drive her car through one of those bank ATM buildings with a toddler in front of the bumper.

No "poppers" either. I really got off easy considering where I was working.
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When I was a lot younger I had a friend who was working in the family business. He was a mortician. He could describe in detail and had no difficulty with what is know in the trade as "hummers". Calls to pick up bodies that are in mid decompostion. They are humming with maggot activity.

One afternoon a bunch of us were all at the beach and he cut his foot slightly and drew a small amount blood. That same guy turned every shade of green. I thought he was going to hurl.


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