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Dale Gribble 03-26-2012 02:03 PM

HVAC estimates
I got a handful of estimates on changing our my AC and gas furnace. 1100 square feet to heat and cool. One contractor said they would have to put in new ducts thus the huge estimates.

I'm thinking on going with the 16 SEER ComfortMaker with the variable speed furnace for $5,400.00. Any thoughts/comments?

Ton Brand AC Furnace Coils SEER EER Duct Notes Price
2 Comfort Maker NXA624GKA *8MX*0701716 ED*4X36F 15.5 12.5 Seal $4,800.00
2 Trane 4TTR5024E1 NOT REPLACED 4CXCB025CC3 14 12 Seal $4,350.00
2 Comfort Maker NXA624GKA *8MV*0901716 ED*4X36F 16 13 Seal Humidity Control $5,400.00
2 Carrier 24ABB324 58PHA024 CNPVP24 14 Seal, Replace grills $5,275.00
2 Payne PA16NA024 PG8MEA024 CNPP24 15.5 Seal, Replace grills $5,650.00
2 Trane 4TTX6024E1 TUD2B060A9V3 4TXCB025BC3 16 13 Seal $7,100.00
2 Carrier 24ABC624 58CVA070 CNPVP30 16 Seal, Replace grills Humidity Control $7,130.00
3 American Standard 4A7A5036E1000A AUD2B060A9V3VA 4TXCB036BC3HCA 15 $7,618.55
3 American Standard 4A7A6036C1000A AUD2B060A9V3VA 4TXCB036BC3HCA 16 12 $600 Instant Rebate $8,020.59
2 American Standard 4A7A5024E1000A AUD2B060ACV4 4TXCB025BC3HCB 16 13 REPLACE DUCTS $8,900.00
2 American Standard 4A7A6024E1000A AUD2B060ACV3 4TXCB025BC3HCB 17 13 REPLACE DUCTS $10,000.00

REP 03-26-2012 08:41 PM

Did any of them show you a manual "J" and a manual "D" ?
Why should you give any of them your hard earned money if they are too lazy to do the work to give you an honest quote on what you really need.
If its my money its strictly either a manual "J" and "D" or go to he'''''''.

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