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ctay77 08-13-2005 05:56 PM

How do you re-hang a cooker door?
i have stupidly taken one of the doors off my range cooker (I was painting them) and now i can't re-hang it. My brother-in-law told me that there would have been a device behind the screws that held them in place... now the screws seem too small and will not grip. Any ideas would be gratefully receieved as I cannot use the oven until the door is re-fitted.

MgMopar 08-14-2005 12:41 PM

My guess is there was a small threaded backing plate that fell away. If to shake the door can you here anything rattle? If so maybe you can look threw the whole any move the door around in the air until you can caught the plate. Kinda like fishing without a lure. If you can catch the plate you will have to then hold it in place with one of the screws or something until you can get the other started. I have yet to see a door like this on a cooker but have found similar on automotive trim panels.

I hope it helps, I can't be sure that is what you even got..

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