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You are correct nap. this becomes an issue of customer relations.
cbzdel, You must play your cards carefully. Did you talk to the manager on the phone or face to face? It's easy to push an irrate customer away on the phone. Complaining face to face does make a difference when done in front of other customers if you keep your cool. If you have the time, Arrive at the store about the time they open acting like this is your first attempt to return the used goods. Ask for management, then immediatly ask the manager for the name and number of the district manager. This lets the store manager know you don't intend to stop at first base. He will more than likely question you as to why you want to speak with his/her boss. You might even mumble something about calling the local TV channel to your aid. NOBODY wants the to be on the news, especially when it's bad news. Let them see you writing down their names.
I now inspect under the caps of any gallon jugs of the high priced synthetic motor oil I buy. I was sold some used black motor oil.
Don't lose your cool & Good Luck Man.


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Originally Posted by nap View Post
even with Daves question about paying with a credit card; while you can get the charges reversed initially, there is nothing to prove your claim so eventually, unless HD caves, the charges would come back.
That's usually an area where it boils down to luck. I can speak positively to this approach though.

A lot of times depending on who you have, the credit card company will default to taking your side, and as long as you're able to make a halfway-decent case, the onus falls on the merchant to prove the transaction was legitimate.

When I worked at Best Buy, for example, employees were required to empty the contents of the box and verify its contents when conducting a return. There's even a subsystem of the POS system that deducts out missing components (like cables.) It's very thorough. But it's also because if that product is re-sold and the new buyer does a chargeback, Best Buy's only recourse is to prove the contents were verified.
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Pay cash or use credit card, if credit card can you dispute the purchase?
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Contact your State Attorney General. Once HD gets a letter from from the AG, they will give you your money back.
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Beleive it or not this is not a uncommon occurance. I used to work at home depot several years ago and I learned all the ins and outs of their operations. The employee that "assisted" you at the desk most likely had counted their drawer and was just ready to go home so they refused to work with you. As for the manager, there is ALWAYS a manager on duty. The store manager or assistant store manager would have said no problem and sent you to grab a new one.

If you have not resolved this issue yet, I would suggest you walk into the store, go back to the plumbing department and find the department manager. When you find him or her tell them your story. Be assertive. There shouldn't be any need for confrontation that would make you or the employees feel uncomfortable.

If you got this resolved we would love to hear how you went about it.

Best Wishes,
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As mentioned, go up the chain of command.

Be firm and just give them the facts. Tell each person you speak to, who you spoke to before them and the name of that person and what they said. But, expect to be rejected. Then go to the next level. At some point someone is going to realize you are going through a lot of trouble to get this made right and they will make it right.

If it gets to HQ at HD and still gets rejected send a registered letter with photo's to a VP or higher. If no results send another one. A registered letter can only be picked up by the person it's sent to. Secretary’s can't do it for them.

Yes it's a royal pain. Is it HD's fault? No, the blame falls on the crook that did the swap.

Another thing worth mentioning, it may have been packed that way at the manufacturer. I mean it's not the first time a disgruntled employee did something in final packaging that got out to the public.

You might consider including them on your mailing list as well. Never know, it may have happened before.

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I would like to say good luck with this and it should eventually work out for ya. I used to be a store manager (not at HD) and dealt with this problem daily. As someone else mentioned the first person you spoke was flat out lying and there Was a manager on duty, I however doubt from the sounds of it that is who you wanted to speak with anyways. Understand that this time of year lots of people are being hired and lots of people are being promoted, they honestly could not have known the proper return policy.

Find out when the Store manager or District manager will be there (our DM came weekly) and make your case to them and them only, no trainee no assistant. This should help show you are serious and not trying to scam them. Anyone trying to scam is going to try it last thing at night with just a poor ole cashier, you need to go to the one in charge.

When you meet with the Manager, do NOT get angry or snobbing or any of that, speak calmly, explain the problem and understand this is just one of those things that happens and it will get fixed. They have to use judgment to determine the scammers from the real problems but most of the time the company will give you the benefit of the doubt. I Highly doubt it would go any farther past the DM without being resolved.

Also it will look 10times better on your part if your just asking for an exchange rather than cash back, but you should be able to get either. Im just speaking out of experience of being on the other side of these problems and really see no reason if you take the right steps that you wont leave satisfied.

Just remember, as cliche as it is, treat others how you wanna be treated. Being polite and calm will go a Long way especially in a tough situation.
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HD has one of the best pro customer services of any major retailer. these guys and nordstroms return anything and are usually easy to deal with. it should workout for you, i've also had this happen once and they had no problem giving me another one in a sealed box.

compared to walmart, target and many other big name stores HD is much much easier to deal with. a lot of those big box stores just tell you to get lost or you're lying...walmart comes to mind here
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HD item's under $50.00 return no question's ask .this is now

home depot now has a policy thing's under $50.00 can be returned . no question's ask. Doesn't matter if it is in piece's . I used to work their. Sure HD take's a hit but under $50.00 it isn't worth their time to do RTV return to vender


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