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cbzdel 11-20-2010 07:19 PM

Home Depot Issue
Got somewhat of a problem. I went and bought a $300 kitchen faucet. Got home opened the package later on in the day and come to find out the box was stuffed with an old used faucet, looks like someone did a swap and got their $300 faucet for free!!!! :furious::furious:

By now its about 7:30pm and I grab up all the parts and box and reciept and head back to explain my case. The person tells me this. "How do I know that's not your old faucet" I then instantly ask to speak with a manager and find there is no high ranking manager on duty because its so close to closing time and to come back the next day to talk to a manager.

Any thoughts on how to handle this, I dont want to take no for an answer but the first person seemed pretty much useless.

nap 11-20-2010 07:58 PM

I don't know if it would help but would take the new faucet and set it next to every faucet in your house and take a picture. While it really doesn't prove much, it suggests that you have a faucet in place at each sink, none of them are the one that is supposed to be in the box, and the new faucet is in the pic to kind of date the pic.

fabrk8r 11-20-2010 08:12 PM

I wouldn't worry, I'm sure management will make it right. It would be different if you were trying to get money back like the person who had the box before you obviously did.

You might even ask for a store credit to make up for your lost time and trouble.

oh'mike 11-21-2010 06:28 AM

Well,well,well---Where are all of the Home Depot employees who keep posting advice on here???

I bet they will be hiding for a while-----

SDC 11-21-2010 06:40 AM

To be fair, I would not blame HD....(and I am NOT an HD It is hard to control all the losers, cheaters and scumbags out there.....I am sure they will make it right :thumbsup:

Btw, only buy the faucets with the plastic tamper proof banding on them, I believe they come from the manufacture that way. If it is missing, some one may have taken a part from the box....:whistling2:

DangerMouse 11-21-2010 06:41 AM

Now Mike.... be nice. Why would they hide anyways? It's not THEIR fault there are dishonest people out there. I learned my lesson long ago and never buy anything that looks to be returned and restocked. I got a GFCI that the wife picked up and brought home installed, it had the light on and I thought it was good.... until I plugged something in to it. Dead as a doornail. I wrote DEAD and BAD on the unit with a sharpie and had her return it. MAYBE they won't put it back on the shelf to frustrate some other poor schlub??


oh'mike 11-21-2010 07:16 AM

I'm just poking fun---The return folks there may help--

hoz49 11-21-2010 08:01 AM

Take it back, explain the problem. Make sure you mention the clerk who accused you of bringing one of your own faucets back. Do so indignantly. You can be sure that clerk will not do that again.

Tizzer 11-21-2010 02:53 PM

I bought a Rigid cordless drill from H.D. about a year ago. While eating lunch, I put a battery on charge and read the instructions. Noticed the lights weren't blinking correctly according to the manual. Put the other battery in with the same results.
Put everything back in the box and returned it. The return guy asked one question: Was this how you found it?
I said, yeah what do you mean? He said it was a return but was put back on the shelf instead of defective. Gave me my money back right there.:thumbsup:

But faucets, how would someone switch out a faucet and walk out the store with the new one? Seems strange, not saying it didn't happen.

SubSailor 11-21-2010 03:08 PM


Originally Posted by SDC (Post 537928)
To be fair, I would not blame HD....(and I am NOT an HD It is hard to control all the losers, cheaters and scumbags out there.....I am sure they will make it right :thumbsup:

Btw, only buy the faucets with the plastic tamper proof banding on them, I believe they come from the manufacture that way. If it is missing, some one may have taken a part from the box....:whistling2:

nope those HD vendors you see now and then put the strapping on boxes that it was removed from, I bought a cheapie work force tile saw for 88 bucks because even if it lasted 1 job it was cheaper than renting one, it had those straps, I opened it up and the blade was stolen (you could tell they used channel locks to remove the spline screw)

Your best bet is to look for a tamper proof seal from the factory (Bosch does this)

rusty baker 11-21-2010 05:38 PM

Had a friend who bought a computer at WalMart, When he plugged it in, nothing. He looked inside and the case was empty. No hard drive, no motherboard, nothing. They wouldn't take it back either.

cbzdel 11-21-2010 07:06 PM

I am at a loss I do not know what to do, I talked to the store manager and he flat out told me there is nothing he can do because he has no way of knowing where that old faucet came from,

As for the packaging, it came with (2) 1/2" wide plastic straps around the box. It appears that they person slid the straps off the box, installed the expensive faucet, put the old faucet in the box, and slid the straps back on and returned the faucet and got their $300. When I bought it the package appeared to be 100% unopened and new (I never would buy a package that looks to be tampered with), so either they installed new straps or carefully removed them and reinstalled them.

So they got a free $300 faucet and now I am stuck paying for it!!!

Scuba_Dave 11-21-2010 07:34 PM

Saw stuff like this years ago when I did tech work for lechmere
Old radio returned in the new box
We didn't even sell the radio...Customer Service had already issued a refund
Computers returned without any guts in them
Just the empty case...with bricks in it to equal the weight

I'd raise hell myself
Did you pay with a credit card ?

nap 11-21-2010 08:32 PM

this becomes an issue of customer relations. Simply put, you are not going to win making a claim, even if you went to court (unless the judge was a sucker).

So, I would go up the chain of command at HD and see where it gets you.

even with Daves question about paying with a credit card; while you can get the charges reversed initially, there is nothing to prove your claim so eventually, unless HD caves, the charges would come back.

Giles 11-21-2010 08:44 PM

I don't think this will help your situation but I would consider this ---I doubt you will have a problem with an exchange.:)
A few years ago, I started this ---any time I make a purchase, I call an employee and we open the box. Unbelievable how many times I have found a situation like yours and how many items were damaged!
I talked to a store employee and he informed me that when an item is returned, it is simply put back on shelf:(
He stated that they have so many more items returned, because of damage and defects, then a few years ago, that they had to do this.
I bought a NEW gas wall heater and we opened the box in the store, got home and discovered "pipe sealant" and wrench marks on fittings. (evidently didn't check close enough)Threw it back in box, returned it, and the employee told me they didn't reshelf returned items.:laughing: They gave me a replacement.:thumbsup:

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