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wiz561 12-04-2010 08:26 AM

Help with neighbor's...

We just moved into our new house that we built. We absolutely love the house, but the only issue we have our the neighbors.

The site we bought to build on backs up to an old that has been there forever. The land our house was built on was just an empty field before. The people in the subdivision would play on it and just do whatever.

Now that we built on it, they are pissed off about not having the empty land to do whatever on anymore. I feel like they are taking it out on us, which just aggravates me even more. It's like they should know that the land was sold and they should just accept it and move on. If they wanted an empty lot back here, they had every right to buy the land themselves...but no.

Anyways, the one guy right behind us is pissed that we are building a privacy fence on our side of the line. He is an old, retired, union worker and is stubborn as all hell. He doesn't understand that our association allows only a cedar privacy fence on the back side. He also had issues with the property line because when he put his chain link fence up (which he loves more than life itself), he didn't get any permits, do a survey, etc. So when he did put it up, it was over on our side of the property, and he automatically assumed that was his land because of squatter laws. Eventually, the builder tore the fence down and he just had to deal with it. Whenever he sees us outside, he always makes it a point to complain to us about something. I'm a nice guy, so after about 15 minutes of hearing him ***** about why I don't want his cyclone fence, I just usually say I have to go.

Another neighbor has a dog without a fence. Last night, the dog decided to come visit our dogs (who are in a temporarily fenced in yard). My wife got bit by a dog so she's afraid of unknown ones now. But just inconsiderate how you let your dog roam the neighborhood.

The latest adventure is we're having a fence put up. While the fence company was digging around, they found that their drain tiles, sump pump, gutters, or something, get discharged into our yard. There's a sewer in the yard, and the land is a "Utility and Drainage Easement" on our survey plot. The fence company guy said that it's illegal for them to drain their water into our yard, and it should be connected to the sewer. The city's web site says that the drain has to stay on their property.

We built on a pretty hilly section, and when it rains a LOT, the street floods at the bottom of the hill really bad. This old guy was complaining to me during one of his tirades about how ever since the builder started building, all the land floods. The guy at the end of the block, his basement floods and it never did it before. So, it's the builders fault now that everything floods. Well, now that I stumbled upon this drain hose coming out into our yard, along with the neighbor of the grumpy guy, it makes me wonder if all these houses have the water just pumping out into the bottom of hte hill, therefore, flooding everything. So, in all reality, it's not the builders fault that everything floods, but yet the numbnuts that didn't know what they were doing at the time and just did whatever they wanted to. I get the feeling like they were kind of like the home improvement cowboys, doing whatever they want without permits, without checking out the proper way of doing something, and nobody cared before now.

So-------how do I deal with these people? I know many of you recommend just talking to them....but sometimes it's hard to talk to a stubborn old man and get nowhere. Should I talk to them, call the city and explain, then block their drain hose that goes onto my property? I know I ranted a lot, but sometimes it just makes me feel better ranting about it. My wife thinks I'm a little crazy, but I don't think it's crazy to complain about somebody taht didn't do things right and now affects you. If these people were nice to us, then that would be a totally different story. But they have been :censored: and I will play by the rules.


firehawkmph 12-04-2010 03:36 PM

I had a very similar situation to yours. I bought the property we are on now in 1989. It was a little over 5 acres, at the end of an existing street in a suburb which is mostly 1/2 acre lots. Half open field, half woods. Same thing, people thought it was theirs forever. I had one neighbor tear out a bunch of his shrubs and dump them on my property. I didn't say anything. The second time he dumped a bunch of tree trimmings, I went over to his house and told his wife she had a half hour to get them out of there before I called the police. I haven't had any trouble from them since. We don't socialize, but I wave if I see one of them outside. I stopped another neighbors kid from riding his dirt bike on our property. Our kids were toddlers then and I didn't want to worry about them getting hit. His mother came over *****ing about how they always rode there. I told her nicely, 'not any more'. You had the same chance to buy the property as we did. Things settled down and have been fine since. Had another idiot from the next street come through in a gator type utility vehicle. Goes across the grassy field and into the woods. I waited for him to come out and stopped him. I said what the heck do you think you're doing? He said he saw the trail and thought he would take his kids for a ride. I told him it was private property and I get really pissed when people don't ask permission first. He left and hasn't returned.
As far as your problems go, I would talk to the city building department about the drainage issues and see what they recommend. If it means the grumpy old guy has to reroute his drains, so be it. Get the city involved to make him do it though. I hope when you put your fence up, you had a surveyor mark out the property lines. Once the fence is up, if he still continues to gripe, tell him politely that he should have bought the property when he had the chance. If that doesn't settle him down, just do your best to wave, keep your distance, and ignore him. As I grow older, I don't have much patience for pettiness. I keep my yard up and enjoy having it. If somebody else doesn't like it, tough beans for them. Let us know what happens.
Mike Hawkins:)

wiz561 12-04-2010 07:06 PM

Thanks for the response. I'm sure that this happens to a bunch of people all the time, but this is my first experience with it. I like what you said, just call the building dept and deal with it that way.

It's just refreshing to hear people's side of their stories and just how there are so many idiots out there, that don't understand.

rusty baker 12-04-2010 07:45 PM

We have the biggest lot on the block. Old neighborhood, our house was built in 1910. Our property extends to within 2' of the house next door. That house has sold 3 times in the 20 years we have lived here. Every time it goes on the market, the real estate agent steps around our fence and tells all clients that the property line is over in the middle of our yard. Which of course when the property sells, the new owners are mad at us because they think our fence is on their property . Two of them have had it surveyed and are still mad when they find out that the fence is in the right place. It is for sale again. This time I put a rope up across there and one of the agents had nerve enough to take it down and step across and lie again.

firehawkmph 12-04-2010 08:04 PM

Maybe you need to make up a sign and bolt it to the fence, something like "Fence is on the property line, Really", or "Ask me about the property line".
Mike Hawkins:)

WirelessG 12-07-2010 12:43 PM

I agree with Firehawk - get the city involved and make them the bad guy as much as possible. You do need to live with your neighbors, but if they are going to be $%&holes, sobeit.

I live in an area where everyone has 2 or more acres. Sometimes kids rid their quads on my property, but it has been minimal and I tend to shrug it off. I have a redneck neighbor that I would like to see go away. He trashy and he's a scoundrel, but he doesn't cause any problems, so I ignore him - completely - I don't even acknowledge his existence. So the boundaries are set and it's been about 3-1/2 years.

Do what you have to do for your house and family. It's your property. Most of the neighbors will get used to it. And you can always give a piece of your mind to those that don't understand. You are well within your rights to tell them to go @#$%^^&&* themselves.

Good luck.

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