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Bud Cline 01-14-2010 10:36 PM

Help Haiti
Subject: I made a donation to World Vision through Google Earth and so can you!

It was easy to find the right giving opportunity with many options to choose from including child or family sponsorship, emergency aid, basic needs and the Gift Catalog. It only takes a few minutes to make a difference in our world. I encourage you to go experience it for yourself!

Simply click on the link below to see what you can do to help a nation in need. Or, go to any agency of your choice to help out.

Bud Cline

user1007 01-15-2010 05:49 AM

Just be careful! Unfortunately the worst of humanity comes out of the woodwork in disasters like this and the scams will soon be prolific along with gorgeous websites too. Don't share your credit card and personal info with any organization you have not checked out thoroughly or that seems at all suspect.

And hate to seem cynical, but a lot of well intended organizations have such salary structures and overhead that $.03 or so out of your $1 actually shows up as aid. Know where your money is going.

I do agree we should all help. And as Bud mentions there are all kinds of real possibilities for helping. And by all means send off some money if you can spare it for the obvious. I have Haitian friends in the US so sent it to them directly figuring they would know best what to do with it for their families---almost all have lost someone.

But lets let the dust settle and determine what we can do that will be most helpful. We tend to think that bandaiding foreign disasters quickly with money is always the best and only solution. Our attention spans are short and a month by now we will probably have forgotten Haiti, again.

And in spite of what the hate mongering Rev. Robertson said, I know no people from either side of the island that ever signed any pact with the devil. They are just trying to get on with life. The Haitians that have worked for me are extremely hard working, honest and even festive at times. I have never met people that can smile so much having so little. And now the earthquake has taken so much more from them.

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