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Jeeps 04-22-2012 09:51 AM

heavy social networking a negative ?
At work there is a lot of young people in their 20's,30's and it seems like they live on their cellphones, Ipads, apehangers, Ihops whatever they are called. They dont talk on them, they just bang away on the keys while texting. I know its cheaper that way but.. ...

My wife and I eat out more often now, so she can get a break from cooking for over 45 years now. We have been noticing these young couples come and sit down at the table and they never speak to each other while waiting for their order. They both have their phones down on the table banging on the keys. These same texters eat their meals with little or no conversation between them...

With FaceBook,Twitter, etc being the lifeblood of the young, I fear we are now sprouting a generation of people that are not going to develope the needed social interaction skills of vocal exchange.....

At some point in life, they will need to know how to talk to people face to face, recognize body langauage, and actually carry on a real conversation with a live person wont they ?

Doorman54 04-22-2012 10:03 AM

Excellent post!!!
I agree with many of your points. My wife and I (mid 30s) just went out last night for dinner. We are both "tech savvy" but when it's dinner time.....phones are put away! She teases me about our first date....I made that exact comment.

Our teen rule during phones, no TV, we eat at the table (unless it's movie night).

Jeeps 04-22-2012 12:47 PM

My wifes grandson came to visit us when he was home from finishing boot camp in the Navy last summer. In the half hour that we sat in the living room trying to talk to him, he looked down at his buzzing IPOD at least 12 times, each time breaking his conversation and our train of thought on the conversation we were having. ...

I do not get all of this "touchy/feely" you need to know my life's every detail, sorrow, problem, bowel movement, thought, of this electronic communication age with youngsters today. :huh:

When I was 20 years old, you had to drag me to the freakin phone to even answer it. What I did last night with someone or where I went ? Good luck knowing that about anyone back then, we were a more private sort of savages back then I think. :)

firehawkmph 04-22-2012 08:10 PM

I'm 55 now, and I'm not adverse to technology. But the smart phones, video games, navigation screens that do much more than provide directions, and even cell phones in general are more of a p.i.t.a. than what they're worth. Once in a blue moon when the power goes out, as long as it's only for a few hours, it's a welcome relief. My kids are attached to their Iphones like the rest of them. I don't like it. They do come in handy once in awhile, but I can do without them. I find it nice to converse a bit with people, whether it's the gals at the bank, somebody at the gas station pumping their gas, whatever. Basic human interaction is something that shouldn't be replaced by electric gadgets. (as I type this on my laptop:laughing:)
Mike Hawkins:)

Doc Holliday 04-22-2012 11:05 PM

The early years at home and all throughout school they'll be interacting more than enough to be able to handle "real life".

My nephew and neice are the same way but come family gatherings and it's as if they didn't even have them. They have no problem wih social skills.

I do agree that texting while on a date or something of that nature is a bit absurd, but that may be more of a bad habits thing versus not knowing how to socially interact.

creeper 04-23-2012 04:52 AM

A little ironic, as Mike pointed out, that we click away on our mouses while pointing the finger at the younger ones who text away constantly. Just as our parents and grandparents complained that we tied up the phone all the time. (when I was young, I had to write a letter..says granny)

I think the difference is that we actually knew had to write a letter in complete sentences and how to dial a rotary phone.
I can often tell when a new joiner here is 20 something just by the way their particular style of shorthand carries over from their cell texting.

As far as texting on a date, unless its urgent thats just rude.

CoconutPete 04-23-2012 08:56 AM


Originally Posted by creeper (Post 905209)
As far as texting on a date, unless its urgent thats just rude.

I agree, the dinner table is where phones should be off-limits. That's whether it's your own or one in a restaurant. It just looks awful when you see 2 people sitting there, not talking and staring at their phones.

The 3 golden rules of the dinner table at our house:

1: No Hats
2: No Phones
3: Your fork goes in one hand, the knife goes in the other.

Doorman54 04-23-2012 04:36 PM

Don't forget elbows off the table!!!

Burned into my head by my dad....even my kids know it after hearing it from me!

Jeeps 04-23-2012 07:31 PM

I believe if everyone will start noticing in public how the hi tech generation are becoming slaves to their keypads and that they are turning away from one on one conversation, it is noteworthy.....

With the current trend of electronic voice replies or digital communication growth, we could end up as a society that will not be able to carry on a intelligent conversation, speaking only in shorthand texting burb-words. The human voice/verbal intercourse is being gradually taken out of the mix of living life. ....

Employers interviewing young people today are having hard times communicating with the potential employee. They are finding the young person is having a very difficult time, expressing their thoughts in to grammatically correct sentences to the person conducting the interview....

Anytime we call our bank, doctor, store, etc, we end up with a auto-answer menu asking us to please push, 1,2,3 on and on. Very few live people answer business phones any longer. The ones that do, in my opinon, will fare better businesswise. ..

Cavemen started out communicating with grunts and pointing and using clubs to get their point across. Then, over time we developed the very nice thing we call language. Start noticing how that many times when you speak to people nowadays in a office, they will not even look up from their computer screen, and do their best to avoid eye contact. Classic symptoms of lack of socialization skills due to not growing up using them ....

The one business that I know of that has employees that relish the eye contact and will actually listen and carry on a live conversation with people, are car sales people. I think I will go looking for a car this weekend so I will have someone to talk to. :)

TamiaT121 04-24-2012 08:17 AM


Originally Posted by creeper (Post 905209)

As far as texting on a date, unless its urgent thats just rude.

I also agree. I have friends who are “watching” almost all the time their phones and keep on texting when we gather but fortunately they are not so many.

rossfingal 04-24-2012 08:35 AM


Originally Posted by CoconutPete (Post 905303)
I agree, the dinner table is where phones should be off-limits. That's whether it's your own or one in a restaurant. It just looks awful when you see 2 people sitting there, not talking and staring at their phones.

The 3 golden rules of the dinner table at our house:

1: No Hats
2: No Phones
3: Your fork goes in one hand, the knife goes in the other.

When I was growing up -
the "cardinal rule" was -
keep your hands and feet away from Rossi, when he's in a feeding,
frenzy!! :)
(He, he, he!) :)

(Again, "congrats" on becoming a father!!!) :)


hyunelan2 04-24-2012 09:46 AM

I can remember back to my senior year of undergrad (circa 2001-2002), we were having an off-topic discussion on the proliferation of cell phones. This was even before texting (and espeically smart phones) was regular common place. I remember taking a stance that it is destroying human interaction, because nobody wants to take the time to talk in person, when they can do it as they are walking/driving, etc. I remember being in the definite minority with that opinion, and several people [mostly female] were not pleased with my point of view. Perhaps I am "old" for my age.

My personal Dr. Evil / Montgomery Burns / evil mastermind plot is to rid the world of mobile communications devices. I have one, and a pretty high-end one at that. I just wish society wouldn't make me have one. It's impossible to be competitive in today's business climate without one, and to that point even maintain a personal life.

beeristhebest 04-24-2012 11:45 AM

Jeeps, High five to that. It irritates me very much so. You are completely right. This generation will all be based on social networking and no face to face communication. It's scary. My buddies daughter has a bad heart condition (Has had to get open surgery twice by the age of 19) To make a long story short, you can't tell she has a heart problem, shes just as wild and crazy and social like any other teenager. (And attached to her phone severely) Last summer when she had her latest heart surgery, her first words coming out of heavy anesthesia was "can you hand me my phone?" I mean come on now!!! haha. It blew my mind.

dougp23 04-24-2012 12:36 PM

I really see Facebook doing a MySpace in about 5 or 6 years. Most new people to FB post prolifically for the first few months, then after six months maybe once a week or so, after a year, pretty infrequently.

I don't care about texting, but the idiots that do it while zooming down the highway should be whipped!! :furious:

tiger500 04-24-2012 02:32 PM

Yeah, I know someone from a while ago that was texting while driving, and hit someone head on and killed them. Tragic story. It's so aggravating.

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