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Roofmaster417 01-16-2013 08:35 PM

Have You SEEN us ?
Too many times "Contractors" get away with and continue to take unsuspecting homeowners for their money.I will post ACTUAL and FACTUAL articles that I feel are important to STOP these predators.

First up,,,,CRAIG JOHN OLIVER WANTED BY THE FBI FOR HOMEOWNER AND BANK FRAUD.,.Lets get these crooks off the streets.

paintdrying 01-22-2013 07:15 AM

That is what I do not understand. These talented guys just cheat people. How much harder would it be to just do the job? They could be making money hand over fist, instead they just cheat for what I see as no good reason. Seems to me the honest guy that just tells the facts is at a disadvantage. I can not tell you how many times homeowners tell me the other guy never went through all that trouble to fix something. Then I have to take the time to educate them as to why I am doing something the right way. I end up looking like a cheat when it was the last guy that was the cheat. If you steal a working mans tools, or really cheat a homeowner you should have the backs of your hands branded so everyone will know.

joecaption 01-22-2013 08:06 AM

We had one on my area that lost his licence in or county, moved over to James City county, lost that one and just moved and set up shop in another county.
When they went to state licences he just moved out of state and is still ripping people off.
How did he get away with it? Most of the people never filed charges for one reason or another.
For the first few years I was in business all I did was pull copys of all the permits he had filed for and contact the home owners he had done work for and fix all his mistakes.
Just a few of the things I found.
Sheetrock screws holding up seamless gutters, for some reason there was a seam in the "seamless" gutters right over the front door that leaked, it looked like they had used 1/2 a tube of caulking on it. 3 screws in the bottom of the gutter.
No house wrap.
No window tape,
No flashing under the doors.
2 X 6 header with just blocks of OSB between then over an 8' window.
One 2 X 4 as a jack under a 25' trippled up LVL beam.
Dead flat dormer roof with shingles on it, not bad enough, they had installed the shingles before finishing the fasias and had cut them even with the sheathing, then added the fashias later with no drip edge.
J moulding around the sliding doors was tabbed backwards and there was not one nail in the nailing fin. He had used silicone to attach it.
1" nails used to hang vinyl siding over Cellotex.
I had a list 4 pages long of all the flaws I found on this one house.
I never met one person that ever paid him all the money for a job because nothing ever passed inspection and he would get fired. It's a small town how can someone keep getting work when he does stuff like that?

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