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Originally Posted by creeper View Post
10 pounder...thats pretty hefty

Actually we call it peameal bacon. Its salty stuff, good if you like getting up for water in the night
"Pretty hefty"?!? - maybe - maybe not!
"The more the merrier"!
I figured if I referred to it as "Canadian Bacon" -
maybe our poor, hapless, friends up North - in the "frozen", "wind-swept",
"track-less" expanses of Canada: would know -
Not all of us "stupid", "Yanks", don't appreciate you!!
(Actually - we call it Good Food!)

Salty? - Water? - middle of the night??
Water in - water out!!


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Way to perpetuate the frozen serene image of Canada. Maybe its not always like this either...somewhere in between

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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Originally Posted by creeper View Post


Wait ...there is no bunny????

Seriously though, I'm going to assume the child in question is 2 or 3 and your house is her first social experience. This may be her first social discrepancy, but it will not be the last.

Who are we to judge what another parent feels is right for her kids??

However, this parent has chosen to surround her child with others, who 99 percent of follow the same traditions.

Santa, the bunny, the tooth fairy. For me and obviously for you they are a huge part of the magic of childhood. If this mom chooses to opt out of the "norm" and allow her child to watch the other kids burst with the excitment that comes with it, then it is her responsibilty to explain the situation to her kid. And part of the explanation better darn well include strict instuctions not to spoil it for others.

I have gotten very creative over the years trying to cover up when others try to tell my kids 'your mom is lying" My own sister is a devout Baptist, whose children have been instructed not to tell or " Aunt Jannie will kill you"
Personally, I will face the music when the question of what else have you lied about arises

Barb you are not a mind reader and your responsibility lies with the greater good for the majority

Remember always say NO to guilt!!!
Thanks creeper. I hope everything will be alright for the little gal. You're right, she's 3. One nice thing is that her favorite thing in the world is wearing a pretty dress. So now that she probably already has hers, I'm hoping she'll forget about the basket.

Welcome back Mike!! I hope that's the end of your computer problems for a while.

How did your ham turn out Ross?



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