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CoconutPete 10-29-2010 01:55 PM

Funny Craigslist responses...
So I have one of my cars listed for sale right now, amongst other places I have it listed on Craigslist. Now these days anytime you list something on Craigslist I usually expect scammers to email you from 20 minutes after you post out until about 5 days. Then the real responses usually start coming.

I got one response back the same day - the only thing in it was the price I had listed along with a question mark ... i'm not really sure what the person was asking me but I knew I was either dealing with a scammer or someone who couldn't read .... neither of which I wanted to deal with.

This is by far the best one I've gotten though.... Now - my car is a 2-door sports car - I clearly stated in the ad that we want to have a baby so I want to sell this car and buy a 4-door car that is "family friendly". My car is an 04 BMW 3-series and here is the reply I got:

Hey saw your ad and ur might be looking for a trade, so take a look at what i have.....
Shes a 1970 oldsmobile cutlass supreme sx born and driven in san diego, ca. I bought the car about 3 years ago when i was still in the military, got out moved back to ny and had her delivered back. House of colors tangerine, new chrome bumpers, interior completely re-upholstered to manufacturer specs, chrome rims and new rubber, 3k audio system( very loud not to show off but i love music) pneumatic airbags to raise up and down in the back roughly 5 -7 inches, completely rebuilt 455cui 2bbl bored .30 over, T400 tranny w/ new seal, alarm system with remote to pop open the doors and trunk( they were shaved off for the custom look). very little customization so that new owner can remove them if wanted. Let me know if you are interested, this car is very rare, i think there is about 10 left in the u.s. that i have been able to find that are even worth looking at.

In addition I also got about 15 images of this car attached to the email!

Idunno - maybe I am silly for being amused by this, but seriously ..... a 1970 muscle car w/ 2 doors - yeah seems like the perfect car to buy if you are starting a family right?:thumbup:

liquidvw 10-29-2010 02:21 PM

that is a strange reply. Makes me think of this guy. Nothing like emails from an @$$hole.

Also the best of craigslist is a good read if you have some time.


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