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Clutchcargo 05-24-2007 08:46 AM

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This is kind of comical, My mother in law's work sent this note out.

Hi Everybody,

Iíd like to just do a quick review/reminder about coffee spillage in the
hallways. It has picked up a bit lately. I probably didnít mention this
before but for those who arenít aware there are two types of "full" when
it comes to office coffee. Thereís sitting safely at a caf table full and
walking full. The sitting safely at a caf table full is the full we are
mostly familiar with, about ľ inch or so from the brim. Walking full
however is a minimum of Ĺ inch, preferably more, from the brim to account
for sloshage. Studies have been done at The Institute for Office Coffee
that have shown that Ĺ inch reduces hallway spillage by 93% which is more
than acceptable to the facilities community. If in the event of hallway
spillage even after employing the Ĺ inch rule, a quick dab with a Kimwipe
when itís fresh is a lot easier than chiseling it off later when itís had
time to set. Actually the Ĺ inch rule is a generalized rule of thumb for
safe coffee walking practices. There is a more detailed chart showing the
fill level to walking distance ratios but our building is under the 75,000
square foot minimum required for these advanced practices.

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