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Started out life as a laborer in local plant. Electrical apprenticeship came up and I got it. The electric shop in this plant also did the a/c and heater maintenance. It closed in '84 so I went in business for my self. My old supervisor called me and asked me if I would interested in doing some work for the old plant in their teardown. Long story short I went back as a contractor and ended up with 10 employees. I then got my Masters licenses in electrical and HVAC. I retired 6 yrs ago due to my wife insistence. Now I have been widowed for a year, leukemia took her 4 days after discovery. Now I try to stay busy all day in the yard or on my hunting lease. I don't regret retiring because I got 5 yrs with her that otherwise I wouldn't have had.


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I started off in 2007 at the phone company, as a help desk tech. Took calls for our managed services customers (network/PC/server stuff), Internet (Dialup/DSL) and occasional 611 calls if the 611 helpdesk was busy. Sometimes I'd be sent on the field to do stuff as well. Level 1 and level 2 is the same job title there.

After a few years of that I moved up to server tech and was permanently stationed at one of our customers. (hospital) Was a great job as I got to play with lot of high end stuff we typically would not get to play with, like SANs and large VM environments. The IT manager there was a total jerk though so it made it less fun. He was pretty much on a war path all the time. Near the end of the contract instead of renewing he decided to hire his own techs, which TBH makes sense for an environment like that. I had a pretty much guaranteed job there for about 10-20k more than I currently made, but I really did not want to work directly for him and it would not have been unionized. He's the type that would fire you over being a minute late.

During that time a new job opening came up for the NOC at the phone company (who I currently worked for). I took that position even though it was a downgrade, and I'm currently there now. I love the job and don't really have any plans to get out. It's very laid back, it's shift work, so I get more time off, and the pay is actually better because of the Sunday/night/holiday differentials. There is also more opportunity for overtime. I probably make about as much as I'd be making if I did take that hospital job, but with none of the stress.

At the NOC our job is to monitor the network, buildings and other misc stuff, and is 24/7 operation. Pretty much everything from specific equipment alarms to environmental like temperature and hydro outages. If a fibre gets cut or cell site goes down we're the first to know and action it. We're kind of like the fire department, we don't look like we're doing much but when poop hits the fan we're the ones on it right away and coordinating everything. A couple months back the 911 service went down due to an equipment failure. That was fun..... Imagine calling 911 and you get the busy signal.
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Originally Posted by yuri View Post
You do all right as you understand people and the biz and people can sense when someone is trying to just sell them a new system and really not wanting to do repairs. Be careful as there is big $$ to be made in sales and lots of guys have gone over to the dark side and eventually get caught. Especially with furnaces. You sell one to GrandMa and she does not tell you her son is a mechanical engineer and comes over and finds out there is nothing or not much wrong with it or you just scared her into a new system and B4 you can say Kaching you are on the local news as a rip off artist. Same can happen with ACs if the son works as a maintenance guy in a hospital or does refrigeration.

Uhm, I thought the lot of us here (and on all forums) had come to the conclusion engineers have not the real world (test) experience to account for a load of pooh.

Yuri, down here the biz is a goldmine be it repairs, new construction, retrofit warranty or complete system changeouts. We have the leads to offer opportunities to folk 100 times that of which I believe you may be used to. Yes, there are scam artists, but I'm not one of them.

What I offer is peace of mind via education. The choice is simply economics.

Yuri, over the years of us both on here and paying attention to one another it's a certain fact that you're a much more in depth tech, as the majority of you techs on here on, than myself, but the end all to hvac is not simply that. I've come to learn it's not even a factor to be recognized, simply being the most knowledgable tech, unless a tech is all you want to ever be.

I sell relationships, not equipment.


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