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Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
It would take the end of the world, that's for sure.

(you set yourself up for that one)
Ha ha.. Nice.


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Originally Posted by Blondesense View Post
Yeah, some of those people are way too over the top for me, and others are just plain scary. There is a difference between preparing and obsession.

Thanks, I'll check it out. One thing I have been thinking about is to start a file (my computer desk is a plank across two file cabinets) and every time I come across some "how-to" on the internet that might come in handy if the lights go out, print it out and file it. More cheap insurance.

In my state the lights may go out sooner than we expect....

I have a friend that worked in the mountains selling parts for heavy equipment. He is retired now but keeps in touch with his mountain friends. He told me two months ago that they were shutting down a lot of coal mine equipment and it has just been left sitting...

Two weeks ago my stepson told us that he drove by the old coal fired electric plant down on the river that has been running since the 1940's. He said there was no cars or trucks in the parking lot, no lights on at night at the plant. It has been shut down, not a word about it in our news media here that I know of...

Today I hear that another coal mine is being closed in my state and they are laying off 200 workers in the next month. My state is a coal state,and our electricity generating plants are coal fired. It appears the promise made by a now famous person in 2007/08 to, "bankrupt coal producing companies and users of coal, is well on its way. ...

I am all for clean energy, and I know coal is not a earth friendly fuel when it is burned. But hey, "Powers that be" HOW about getting in place a clean power producing source that will handle our existing power grid loads BEFORE our existing plants are overloaded from shutting down our plants too fast ????

With what is going on in my state, our electrical energy costs are going to necessarily skyrocket... Wait a minute, I recall a video where that same famous person said the same sentence in 2007/08...

Sorry for the rant and slight derailment of the thread. ...Yes, its best to back up those critical computer files, especially if you live in my state.
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How will guns not help? If after 2 months, I have no water, and you do.. guess who's comin to your place...
You are honestly and literally discussing killing each other.

This idea that we find each other disposable is already a problem; and probably the largest culprit in leading to the discussed scenerio.

Stocking some food, water, guns/ammo, and camping gear is a smart thing to do. You could even read Neil Strauss' book "Emergency"; where he goes so far as to get dual citizenship to protect his assets.

You can do like he did and become a certified emergency responder. You know... if there is a disaster... they call you to help...

But these discussions that quickly boil down to water/guns... Scary stuff guys.
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Originally Posted by Jeeps View Post
Wait a minute, I recall a video where that same famous person said the same sentence in 2007/08...
The same promise he made to the folks at NASA that are now unemployed (3000 plus)
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This post will probaly ramble, sorry, kind of disemboggled right now upstairs. Just got back from the VA hospital visiting my 63 y.o. Vietnam vet brother and they gave him a full blood transfusion last week and now he needs another. His last battle in life is fighting the Vietnam cancer for 7 months now. He is still fighting the good fight as all vets do, but.......

I have watched the UTUBE videos of the preppers and I do understand where they are coming from. But I have two opposing points to this prepper mindset...

1. I am concerned about the mental well being of the children of those prepper parents. Children are a product of their environment for the most part. To bring a child up in a home with a environment of preparation for doom, has to have ill effects on a young person's mind... Young people and old for that matter, need "hope" to be able to forge onward daily. To cast a young mind in such darkness of doom-dom, is taking away their hope for their future...

2. This one applies to me only and it is because of my age probaly. How could a person stay in their bunker after the "bomb", civil unrest, total economic/social collaspe etc, and eat and drink while there will be starving children banging on the bunker door? ...

If the bunker owner opens the door and feeds the children, he will run out of food for his own family. Knowing this, I will prepare for storm outages/utility loss, but that is about it. I dont want to live while watching others suffer. jmo
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I'm sorry to hear about your brother. I hope he isn't suffering too much.

About #1 - I think the idea is to teach your children that life is mostly good, but it's smart to store away a few things just in case we need them some day. Kind of like we teach them to save money, just in case we are out of work for a few months or in case __________ (fill in the blank).

I believe having a few things set aside is no different than having home owners insurance, health or auto insurance, etc. There is comfort in knowing it's there if or when you need it.

Like you, I don't understand why adults would go so far as to scare the heck out of their kids like they do on that show. It's insane. Teaching them how to do things in the absence of modern conveniences is fine - gardening, farming, camping, canning, sewing, archery, how to shoot and handle a weapon responsibly, etc. But they don't need to be told that the world may be coming to an end soon. What is a little kid supposed to do with that information?

I watched the show this evening and when the family was cooking bugs and worms, I said, "I hope those kids are home schooled". Imagine the teasing they're going to go through if they're in public schools.

Just my 2



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