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diy shows miss overweight and older people

I watch the crasher shows every day between reruns and new ones. I love watching your shows, but did you know that Gallup 2011 poll says 36% of americans are overweight and over 25% are obese? Why is it all your crasher shows have beautiful or pretty thin women picked? Also, did you know that in 2012 we will have 100 million americans over 50? Why don't I see any on these shows? Also, did you know that according to Harris polls 2011, only 20% 1 in 5 of americans drink liquor? However every other show at least of House Crashers is putting up a huge bar with kegerators and wine bars.

I'd like to see some more regular americans enjoy these makovers! We are not all beautiful and not all thin and not all drinkers either. And we have loads of personality to make the shows fun too! Just a suggestion.


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Superficial sells.Its everywhere. Its subliminal, the message being if you do it this way, or buy this product, you will look like this model.

Why do you think there are so many young women with self esteem, and eating disorders. You can thank the media for that. They have it pounded into their heads at a very vunerable age, that unless they are thin and pretty , then they are somehow inadequate. But by whose yardstick? What the kids fail to realize is that these models don't look like that without camera filters and 2 pounds of make up. Same as the shows..nobodys life is really like that, but it sells, and people buy into it


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My fave remains the show that stages houses for sale and has the former Miss Canada (or something like that) moving furniture in open toed sandals and painting in high fashion clothing. Very realistic on all fronts.
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