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Fira 07-16-2010 08:52 AM

Dangerous myths anyone knows of
Here are IV I know of:

Myth #1: Lightning victim(s) are electrified touch them and you'll be electrocuted because they still hold a charge.

Fact #1: Unless they are on live electrical stuff that is dispersing electricity, hit by lightning again while you are within about 25 feet of them no they are not electrified go ahead and touch them.

Myth #2: Non physical abuse as long as not mixed with physical abuse poses no threat.

Fact #2: NO! Not true. Any abuse can cause stress and too+ much stress can cause heart attacks, strokes, ulcers, death etc.

Myth #3: If threatened with harm, worse, both not to tell on those who abuse, do crime etc. I and anyone else should not report.

Fact #3: False. There are many+ caring people in this world. Never not tell. People have lived by being picked up by tornado(es) and thrown and survived (rare though). So help can and should be saught.

Myth #4: I read on the internet F0/EF0 tornadoes cause light damage, I seen a helicopter in a tornado etc. that means it is safe to underestimate an F0/EF0 tornado(es).

Fact #4: FALSE! Even when it is sunshiny outside and you and in, near, both mountains, falls, oceans, water, winter, below 0 degrees faranheit, any mixes, all mixed still do NOT ever underestimate F0, EF0 tornadoes not even one. F0/EF0 tornadoes cause light damage as far as tornadoes are concerned but the debris they carry often is about atleast 4,500 pounds I estimate anyways so please do NOT underestimate even F0/EF0 tornadoes not even one.

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