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joecaption 11-29-2012 10:34 PM

Crazy customers
Lady we were going to be doing a roof for calls and says it's raining, you need to come over here and cover the shingles with a tarp. This is at 10:00 PM.
There sitting in a carport, in plastic wrap, on a pallet and have been stored outside for months are the lumber yard. But she wants me to come cover them up.
What's she think, once there on the roof you have to cover them if it rains?

Another lady wants me to build her grandson a Zip line. She shows up with a store bought one that states right in the directions how high to have it on both ends, instead she wants me to have it 5' on one end and 4' off the ground on the other. This thing had 50 ft. of line. Can you imagine how her idea worked out?
The same lady wanted me to install two gas parlor stoves, a gas tankless heater, gas dryer, and change the stove from electric to gas, installed a new heatpump with gas backup.
A month later she calls and asked why her gas bill was higher then last year.
She wanted me to build a tree house around a tree for her 6 year old grandson to climb, problum is all the trees were limbed 20 ft' up in the air.

mae-ling 11-29-2012 10:53 PM

LOL. I was blessed to have great customers. Only one real wingy one.

joecaption 11-29-2012 11:04 PM

Live long enough and you get some wacko's.

rossfingal 11-30-2012 06:36 AM

Did a re-side back in the late 1970's.
"Cover-all" - siding, all the trim, soffit and fascia, added/moved some lights, gutters ..
Told the homeowners -
If you see anything that you have a question about - tell me - I'll explain,
why I'm doing it this way.
Mostly talking to the guy - his wife is there, though.
Also, told them their windows and front door were not, in very good shape.

Done with the job.
Now, his wife speaks up -
"I don't know if I like this, that, the other thing"!
(Oh no! - maybe I'm going to have a difficult time getting the final
payout!) :(

We go around and around the house -
I remind them that, while I was doing the job - I explained why I was doing
various things - this way and not another way!
I gave them options.

It comes out, from her -
"My brother has a friend who knows how to do siding - he told me this".
OK - if he knows how to do siding - why didn't you have him side your house???
Her response -
"We don't, really trust him"!! :)
Very logical!

I got paid - the guy apologized for his wife, "jumping on me"!!
(2 years later - I came back and replaced all the windows and the front
door - had to tear all the trim-wraps off and redo them!!) :)
What a waste!
Go figure!! :)


oh'mike 11-30-2012 07:02 AM

We all get a few odd balls-----

I have a regular that is suborn and a little 'less than logical'----

She has replayed this seen several times----I get a call to bid some work---give her the price and method of doing the job----then I get a call six months or a year later to rip out and redo the work that a cheap unskilled fellow has attempted----

Just love it-----I had to repipe the entire house after a whole house freeze--(the fellow that started the work fell off the chair he was standing on---4 bedroom 3800 square foot house---every pipe and fixture was frozen.

I gave he a price for repairing the drywall----a year later we removed all the fellows bad work ---

Master bath with shower and 4 man whirlpool---price---6 months later a call---fortunately the fellow only got as far as removing the shower door ,went to lunch and never returned---all supplies were wrong--

That one turned out well---nice looking room now and she really likes it----

There are others but you get the idea----Nice gal---but stubborn.

joecaption 11-30-2012 09:00 AM

I get a call to give a price for all new shingles and siding for a house right on the water. They deside to do it all there self to "save" money.
First big storm that comes through and all the siding is gone on three sides and all the shingles were blown off the roof on the water side.

They had used 1" nails and only 4 nails per panel to hold the siding up.
Where there was an outlet they had just cut a hole in the siding as big as the outlet cover, no siding block.
Instead of an outside corner they had just nailed 1X6's over the siding and drove the nails through the siding.
To remove the last side left on I just unlocked the starter strip and walked backwards and it all poped off in one big sheet.

On the roof they did not use paper and the sheathing was all 1 X 6's so now all the sheetrock and insulation was soaking wet.
They had use staples not nails and only used 3 staples per shingles and even those were driven through the shingles.

Still another one calls for a price on siding a concrete block home.
Someone had already installed new windows all wrong. They had build in J moulding but had installed the window nailing fin flush with block and just use caulking to hold the window in place. They had built out all the walls with 2 X 4's and had then spaced from 48" to 10". They had used the 2 X 4's to frame in around the brick moulding around the windows so now the siding would stick out past the window.
They had attached the outside light with two cut nails.
Of course my price was to high so she hired someone else. The guy shows up with his 10 year old son as a helper.
He does the back side first where most of the windows and doors where and trys to use all the left over cut pieces on the front where all the long runs should have been. He had no clue how to make a factory cut so all the siding was just butted up so as it got colder there was gaps everywhere.
All the J moulding was cover with blue tape in the corners. He had tryed to glue then with PVC cement and used the tape to hold it in place.
I go back again and tell her it's got to be all removed and done over.
Price to high again. She gets someone else to do it. Once again it's wrong.
Now shes ready to have me do it.
The ladys had it done 3 times, how much money did she save?

rusty baker 11-30-2012 09:31 AM

If I look at job and then someone else does it. My price to go back and repair, is twice the original estimate. I have fixed installatons that took me twice as long as installing would have in the first place.

joed 11-30-2012 10:02 AM

I used to work in electronics service. We did the service for several local retail stores. A amp came in from store A for an estimate one day. Gave estimate and customer refused. Return amp with estimate fee. A week later an amp comes in from store B. I look at and say I think this amp is the one I just sent back to store A. I check serial number and old estimate invoice. Yep same amp. Don't even need to put on bench. Send in estimate $50 higher than last time. This time customer gives OK. I don't know how much mark up the stores were putting on the repair but in the end we made out OK. We got the estimate charge for the first time and $50 more for the repair.

Mort 11-30-2012 10:10 AM

Most of our customers have a basic understanding of concrete, but sometimes I just want them to step away from the tools...

One guy ordered a bucket of molasses for an exposed aggregate slab. I was the second truck on the job, and the first guy told me the customer wanted him to add the molasses to his load. For non-concrete guys, sugar kills concrete. This was last spring, I bet it still wouldn't be set up now.

Another time I went and poured a driveway for a guy, and he was the only one who spoke English on the crew. Halfway through, he had to go to the store to get an edger or something, and we finished while he was gone. His wife came out to sign my ticket, and she asked if I had any left. I told her, yeah, I had about 3/4 of a yard, but her husband knew we didn't have a haul-back fee so he ordered a little extra to make sure he had enough. She wanted me to dump it on a tarp. I asked her if she had something around the back of the house to pour, after I left, and she said yeah (again, language barrier). Well, he got back right as I was washing up and blew a gasket. I told him that I informed his wife of the arrangement but she wanted me to pour it out. Since at that point, it isn't my concrete, I had to do what the customer wanted. They were arguing quite heatedly in Russian as I drove off. Ahh, married bliss.

Thurman 11-30-2012 10:49 AM

Along the same lines: I work part-time for a large fastener company (paint them blue). We are located inside a huge paper products factory making toilet tissue and kitchen towels (two names with & in the middle). I love it when customers (employees and contractors) come up to the counter and ask for: "You know, one of those pole things that Lecricia got last week, about this long (extending arms and hands) and that one big 'round (make like O.K. sign). I have to tell them that we sold the last one to Lecricia and I'm not sure when the new order will be in. DO NOT argue with them that we DO NOT nor ever have stocked this item. And PUH-LEEEZE, share me the experience with a production worker (not knocking them, but--) come up wanting a bolt (without a sample). It looks "sort-of-like" about this long, has a screwy thing on one end (DUH) and we use a wrench to install it. YEP!! We are fresh out of these also, the new order should be in next Tuesday. NOW-I love these people as co-workers, but- - - -

joecaption 11-30-2012 05:30 PM

I was working the city counter at an industrial supply house. Old guy comes in and ask "ya'all got a dawg" I replyed no sir I do not have a dog. He replyed come on boy I know you have a "dawg". I replyed no sir I do not have a dog, I live in a rental house and can not have a dog.
Now he's mad and thinks I'm dumb as a stick and wants to talk to the manager. He hears what the man wants and walk out back and come back with what's called a lever binder, it's use to tighten up a chain. Man looks at me and says see I told you, you had a "dawg".
Another guy come in and has a cheap stamped metal 7- 1/4 ciruler saw blade that he want sharped. I suggested he toss it and just buy a carbide tipped blade we had on sale. Nope he want's it sharpened.
A week later he comes back to pick it up and has a vernier in his hand, he measures the blade and goes off saying we distroyed his blade because now it's smaller then when he brought it in.
He complained all the way up to the president of the company then said he was going to go to the newspaper to post a warning about the company.
We had offered him a new steel blade, offered to not charge him for the sharpening and still he's not happy.

funfool 11-30-2012 05:49 PM

I posted this yesterday in plumbing forum, it belongs here.

Young couple and they bought a display model dishwasher from sears at reduced cost.
Did not come with the rubber side flappers to hide gap in cabinet. I remodeled cabinet 1/4" bigger and left 1/8" on each side. Next day she told me the dishwasher had moved and needed to reset it. I measured it and showed her it was correct.
Next day is Friday afternoon and am on another job, have a rented jack hammer and tearing up concrete to replace a p-trap for a basement shower and have water turned off to customer and the lady calls me up complaining she had a frigging flood in the basement ... I explained would be a hour or so before could get there and how to turn off the water, was a valve above washing machine that would turn whole house off ... she just cussed at me more.
I got out there as soon as I could, found the drip every 2 or 3 min, it dried up before ever reaching the drain. Was Friday afternoon, I gave the connection another twist and stopped the leak.
At this point, I told her would cut into the lines and run new copper directly below the new dishwasher and will be no coupling involved and will never have another problem with it.
Saturday Morning the local supply house opens up at 9:00 am, at 9:15 I have all the needed material and in parking lot ready to head out and she calls me up *****ing about why I was not there yet.
I literally had to hang up on her, her language was so bad.
I called her husband, explained that was nothing wrong with the current setup, but can come up and make it better. I bought the parts and am sitting in the parking lot trying to decide if go work for free or just go home and drink beer ... If I come out, you lock that pitbull up and keep her away from me. I went out and did the work.

Moral of the story, NEVER do any work for a woman that is 8 1/2 months pregnant :no:

rossfingal 12-01-2012 04:27 AM

In this festive, holiday season -
It's really "heart-warming" to know that -
I'm not the only one who has had to deal with "problem" customers!! :)
(You might translate "problem" equals "stupid" - ha, ha ha!!) :)

Happy Holidays!!


creeper 12-01-2012 06:31 AM

Where is the double thanks button ??

creeper 12-01-2012 06:32 AM

Where is the 'You are making me insane thanks button"

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