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steelersfan1 07-16-2010 10:43 AM

Cracked Granite - HELP, NEED ADVICE
Last week I had granite installed in our kitchen (I am near Philadelphia in King of Prussia, Pa) The slab is 'gallo califoinia'. After installation we noticed a crack going from one edge to the other edge. I had the installers come out (they spoke very broken english so it was hard to communicate with them) and they said 'they would fix it'. After they got done the only thing they succeeded in doing was to make the area hazy. I went down to the place I installed it with pics and the guy said it is probabaly a fissure (he was very abrasive). He sent his guys out and they removed the slab. I receieved a call to call them back, and that it was a fissure and not a crack. I called my contractor and had him call. They never returend his call. He went down in person and they refused to budge.
Not only is the crack athestically unapealling, it is on the overhang of the counter (about a 10 inch overhang). They reinforced the bottom with steel and epoxy, but I'm not happy about the whole thing.
I am going down to visit them tomorrow. I need as much advice as you can give me. If need be I will sue. Brother is a laywer. My email is or please post response. Thank you.

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