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Construction Story - Fun!??

Hello all!
Things are a little slow here today -
So plenty of time for another sad, tale of "woe" and "suffering"!

This happened a long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away -
"Star Wars"!!
Oops, sorry! - wrong script!!

It's November, cold, rainy - what we all love about living in the Chicago, Ill.
I get to the office about 6:00 am - I've got some blueprints to turn in
I see there's a couple more blueprints to look at - answer the phone -
make some coffee.
The owner and the salespeople show up at 6:30 - 7:00 we drink coffee,
B.S., discuss various things.
The owner gives me a couple of orders for "custom", aluminum braking -
window and door wraps, fascia, etc...
I do them - then back to the office.

Customers start coming in - others handle the customers -
I run phone "interference".
Time moves on - the weather is getting wetter and windier
12:30 rolls around - lunch time!
I leave and proceed to one of my haunts -
You guessed it boys and girls - a "watering hole"!!

Some of my friends are there - libations flow (I bet that's a surprise!!!)
About 2:00 pm my "beeper" goes off - I call in.
I've got to go down the road a few miles and put a "band-aid" on some
leaking skylights -
"Wet or Dry" - oh well!
I have my "orders" - away I go!

Break time!


(Happy Holidays!)


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oh'mike (12-06-2011)
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Western suburbs, Chicago, Il.
Posts: 2,781
Rewards Points: 2,240

The skylights have been "Band-aided".
I'm rather "wet".
What does our "intrepid", "hero" do? -
Go home and change into dry clothing? -
Of course not!
That will cut into "libation" time! (Can't have that!)
Back to the watering hole!!
More of my friends have shown up - the "libations" flow!

About 4:00 pm my "pesky", beeper goes off again.
It's Friday!
I debate whether or not I should answer.
I do. (What a good little "trooper" - "fool"?)
"7 - 11" at Douglas and Montgomery Rds. - roof leak.
I'm friends with the owner - how bad can it be - I've still got cases of
"Wet or Dry" - another "band-aid"!
No problem!
How wrong I was!!!

I arrive at the "7 - 11" - walk up to the cashier, and tell him I'm here
about a roof leak.
He points to the back wall and what do I see?
A nice waterfall, pouring down the back wall about 15 ft. wide.
I jump in my van, pull around back, set up a ladder and get up on the roof.
Low-slope roof - about 20 ft. has peeled back, exposing plywood.
I get on my cell, to call the shop and see if I can get "reinforcements".
No answer - everybody has gone.
The "band-aid" ensues.

At this point, the wind gusts are in the 40+ mph range and it's sleeting -
I use everything I've got in my van to put a band-aid on it.
Luckily, I'm carrying a lot of misc., stuff.
I finish about 9:30 pm.
I go inside - the owner has shown up and he's helping the cashier mop
up the floor.
He looks at me, I tell him - it's fixed for now - you need a new roof.
He asks me - you were just up on that roof - I tell him - Yes!
After that, if he's there - free coffee, donuts, sandwiches for our "hero"!
They re-did the roof about 8 mons. later.

Well, you may wonder what our "hapless", hero did after that little, escapade?
(Maybe, you don't wonder - maybe you don't, really care - maybe,
you're not a "sharing", "caring" individual)
Guess what happened??!
Back to the watering hole!!!!!

Got a ride home from a friend - took a cab to pick up my van the next day.

So, let this be a lesson to you!
The lesson is -
Don't answer your beeper? - move to a place where it doesn't sleet? -
carry cases of "Wet or Dry", at all times?
You be the judge!
(Keep me out of this!!)

By the way - I wasn't on "call" to do emergency roof repairs - we didn't
do that.
What a "valorous", "hero" our "hero" is!!!
(They paid me!!!)

(No "libations" were harmed in the production of this story!)

As that great, philosopher from the movie "Caddy Shack" said -
"We're all going to get Layered"
(Rodney Dangerfield)

Happy Holidays! (Even the "Mods"!)



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