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rossfingal 12-06-2011 12:19 PM

Construction - Aggrravation!
Well, I find that, at the moment, I have some time!
Why not, another little, "diddy"?!

So, I've got to go up Northwest, from where I live - about 40 to 50 miles.
(Sorry, I didn't take my tape-measure out to see exactly how far -
N.W. of Elburn, Ill. - in the "sticks"!)
It's way, "out there".

It's Sat. - I'm on the road very early.
I figure I can get them all installed - with time to spare!
5 skylights to install - "Velux" - 12/12 roof - multiple ladders to get at all
of them.
New roof - the roofers ran the shingles up to the skylight, "wells" -
Oh Goody!!

Remove some of the shingles "Ice and Water" up the curbs - new shingles.
I'm on to the second one and my beeper goes off.
Get on the "cell" - I have to go to Norway, Ill. - it's an emergency!
Take down the ladders, to get up to the roof edge - off to Norway!
I'll be back!

I arrive at the house in Norway
(that's Norway, Ill.! - is that exact enough!?) :)
It's 9:30, Sat. morning - I wait - until 10:30 set my ladder up and get
up to do what I'm sent there for - "Fypon", fillagree, gable trim.
(Hope I didn't spell anything wrong - how's my sentence structure?!)
We've been waiting for the trim for this house for days - I've been
here before.

One of the 2nd., floor windows opens and the "F-Bombs" start raining on
I try to tell this guy (I know him - high profile, customer - HIGH) -
that, they sent me out there - emergency - "F-Bombs" are still raining!
I'm told - Set a "F-ing" appt.
I apologize, profusely - "F- Bombs" still raining.
I leave.

I'm driving back to the shop - getting very "steamed" - more and more!
I pull over to the side of the road and call the shop -
I call in and read the "stupid" girls in the shop the "proverbial" - "riot act"!
I tell them - "I'm never coming out to this house again"!! - so there!
I tell them - don't "beep" me or call me for the rest of the day.
I take care of some other things on my "plate".

Yeah, I'm back a week later, doing what I wanted to do - he wasn't there -
she apologized - I explained what happened - all good!
Nice lady!
Stuff happens!!
I ran into this person (the man of the house) - a few weeks later, at our office - the owner explained to him that I was the person that had the "F-Bombs" dropped on his head - he knew what had happened - he apologized.
I told him I was sorry!
No harm! - no fault! :)
All good!


gma2rjc 06-05-2012 09:09 PM

Did you get all of the skylights installed that day?

Doc Holliday 06-05-2012 10:19 PM

Right on!

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