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[quote=rusty baker;778689]About all we get in this part of the country is country music. I have seen Charlie Pride and Waylon and Willie. I did go to a Cyrkle concert in the 60's and 1910 Fruit Gum Co.[/quote]


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They aren't concerts, but have been to the Branson shows many times. An old high school/army buddy was a lead singer there for about 40 years.
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Here’s another one I wasn’t planning on.

Nov 4 1989 the Rolling Stones, opening act Guns N’ Roses as part of the “Day On The Green” concert series at the Oakland Coliseum (home of the Raiders).

It was one of those deals where both shows (Sat & Sun) sold out in less than an hour but the guy I was framing for at the time was able to get tickets and bought the max allowed which was 12 tickets.

I thought great, sell me two. He said sure $200 each. Well that wasn’t going to happen….oh well.

The next few week were interesting, I was constantly giving the boss crap about his $200 tickets then the Loma Prieta Earthquake rocked the bay area and for many days after that it seemed as if time stood still.

It was unclear if the show would go on due to structural concerns at the coliseum. it was only just a few days before the engineers gave the green light to open the venue.

The day of the show...... Sat. morning and after a LONG night of payday partying I wake up to a rapid fire doorbell……wtf.

I open the door and there stands my boss laughing his a_s off and then hands me two tickets saying they were mine all along and thanks me for the good work.

Cool….nice bonus.

So after I puked and then struggled to get the ol lady out of bed I realized how wounded I/we were I new what only cure was so I cracked a beer.

I quickly realized this was probably not the best way to start the day especially since Oakland was a 90 min drive. The solution was just to jump in the truck now, hurry up and get there 4 hrs. early and get the tailgate party going ASAP. So a quick stop at 7-11 to fill the cooler and off we went.

Traffic on I-80 fairly heavy that day but for the most part was up to speed. I really felt like crap and was not enjoying the road trip. Then somewhere around Vallejo I heard and felt a slight thump, nothing big but we noticed it. I didn’t think I hit anything, the truck is still rolling fine…….oh well.

We get another mile or so down the road and here’s this car next to us honking their horn and waving their arms at 60 mph in heavy traffic. I’m looking at them like wtf. Their rage only lasted a few seconds before we got lost in the shuffle of traffic and continued on our way not thinking anything of it.

A little bit later as we are listing to the stereo a traffic report comes on reporting a multi car wreck on the 80 in Vallejo and that all West bound traffic has been stopped, expect long delays.

All my wounded mind could think was that we just came through there and was glad we got through before whatever it was happened, making no correlation between the traffic report, the thump and the brief encounter with road rage.

Well we’re finally there, tailgate parties as far as the eye could see, drinking beer and more. My illness is gone, feeling good again.

Perfect timing.......the last beer is gone and the gates just opened, time to go in.

Well we’re in and cool, they sell beer, didn’t know that, so we grabbed a couple and found our seats.

The crowed is getting loud it’s time to get this show going……then the announcer comes out and says “due to circumstances beyond our control Guns N’ Roses will not be performing, here to open the show is Living Colour".

Living Who? What No Axl?

Needless to say the crowd was not pleased and neither were we. I kind of felt sorry for LC, they didn’t have a chance no matter how good they were.

There was a really hostile bad vibe in the air that was anything but fun, of course that all changed once the Stones hit the stage.

It was a great show. I’m not sure how long they played but it was at least twice as long as any headliner I’ve ever seen before and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Seen the Stones again in Portland years later, paid a hundred bucks a pop for the tickets and thought they sucked.

Oh….. and the rest of the story.

A few weeks later I was walking by my truck and something caught me out of the corner of my eye.

My spare tire was missing from under the truck.

A few weeks before the show I had new rubber put on including the spare and obviously tire guy didn’t get the spare back in its place right.

Now the thump, the road rage and the traffic report were starting to come together.

Of coarse I really have no way to know for sure but to this day I sometimes think about it and hope nobody got hurt.
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rossfingal (11-25-2011)
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1910 Fruit Gum Company!!
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"Rock" permeates things!

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Pink Floyd...took us 3 hours to get there and 3 days to get back.

Nine Inch Nails...opening act was a circus side show, need I say more?

Ozzfest with the original Black Sabbath. Also saw Pantera at Ozzfest before Dimebag was killed.

Also saw Jackyll on New Years Eve several years ado & it was really great show.
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rossfingal (11-25-2011)
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Saw -- "Cream" (x3), "Blind Faith", "Clapton" (x2), "Hendrix (x2)",
"C,S,N &Y", "Neil Young", "Emerson, Lake & Palmer", "REO Speedwagon",
"Fleetwood Mac w/ Peter Green", "Queen", "Allman Bros.", "Donovan",
"Black Oak Arkansas w/ Cheech & Chong as openers", "The Hollies",
"Buckinghams", Ides of March", "Shadows of Knight", "It's a Beautiful Day",
"Uriah Heap", "Hot Tuna", "Grateful Dead (x2), - and a bunch of others -
never really thought I got to see enough!!!
What are you going to do!??!
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Originally Posted by rusty baker View Post
I don't remember the 70's, so I may have seen some great concerts.
haha. i was just a kid in the 70's but i'm sure my parents would be saying the same thing sadly!


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rossfingal (11-25-2011)

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