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rossfingal 11-21-2011 02:24 PM

Concerts - Memorable
He's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, boys and girls!! Another story!!

It's 1967 - I'm a freshman, in college at "SIU" -
It's "Spring Break" - I'm going back home to the Chicago-land area.
Miraculously, I've acquired a girl-friend - back home!!
(Yes, every "Dog" has it's day - and, I certainly don't mean her!) :)
I've also had my girl-friend acquire tickets to a concert.
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Niel Young - 1st concert, "NY" is going to
perform with "C,S,& N"!! Sweet!
Chicago Stadium - Judy Collins or Joanie Mitchell, as the opener.
Not bad!! :)

The "Tabacky" situation in the Chicago-land area is "sparse"!!
(To say the least!)
At Carbondale, it's not!!
So, I return home prepared, for the "festivities"!

It's the evening of the concert -
My girl-friend ("Gerry"), and two friends of her's ("Jimmy" and "Terri")
are getting in the "mood".
(Me - "Tabacky"!?! - never touch the stuff!!!) :)
Some wine - some "Tabacky".

Time to get on the road.
We're on Roosevelt Rd. - getting ready to get on the East/West Tollway -
(Jimmy's driving a very, nice yellow VW "Bug")
What appears behind us??
"CHERRIES" - red one's!!!
Has our "beloved", "hero" and companions run into "trouble"!!??
We shall see!

Time for a "smoke" break - just a "cig"! :)
(Not that "Demon", "Tabacky"!!!)
(I know, I know - I'm trying to quit!!)

rossfingal 11-21-2011 03:37 PM

Well, I should probably add some pertinent details.

As we're getting "primed" for the concert - we come to the conclusion
that we may be able to get away with "smoking" at the "venue"!
(We're brilliant!) :)
So, I put together 4 "cigars" (no needles or pencils for my companions
and myself!!! - what a thoughtful, caring person I am!!) :)

The nice, police officer has pulled us over.
He's taking his time to walk up to our car (running the plates)
I've got 4 "cigars" of "Tabacky" on me -
I tell my friends I'm going to eat them.
I do.
He walks up - "license sir" - asks Jimmy where we're going -
Jimmy tells him -
The officer's response is "C, S, and N - there good" -
"I just thought I'd tell you your left tail-light is out"
Tells us where the closest gas- station is -
Says have a good time.
He walks away! - Our "hero" has dodged another "projectile"! :)
We stop at the gas station - Jimmy has enough tools on-board for me to
change the bulb -
Away we go!

My companions are somewhat, perturbed that our "Tabacky" has
disappeared down my "craw"!
However, we were right - smoke filled "Stadium" (don't mean "fire") -
people passing "Tabacky" all around!
For some reason - I didn't need any!! (nudge-nudge, wink,wink!) :)

Was the concert any good? -
Scale of 1 to 10 - probably 9 or 10!!!
I liked it!!!!!!! :)

My girlfriend became my first wife.
(Bless her soul, where ever she is!)

Happy Holidays!

iamdunn 11-21-2011 03:41 PM


mickey cassiba 11-21-2011 04:15 PM

All right...story time continues!:thumbup:

Bud Cline 11-21-2011 04:47 PM

SIU huh?:)

rossfingal 11-21-2011 07:49 PM

"SIU" -
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, Illinois - United States of America - North American Continent - 3rd planet from the "Sun" - System "SOL" -
"Milky Way" galaxy - right next to the "Andromeda" galaxy.
You know - "over by dere"! :)

Happy Holidays!
("God" - or the "Diety" of your choice - bless us, one and all!) :)


rossfingal 11-21-2011 08:01 PM

Well -
Cmon people!
I know there's people on this place that have memorable experiences,
at concerts!!!
Shy -
"Cat got your tongue" -
Like me - and, realize I have to try and write a story that comes close to the
"superb", work that "oh'mike" has done!!?!
I don't know if anyone can come close to that!!! :)
Take a shot!!

rusty baker 11-21-2011 08:44 PM

I don't remember the 70's, so I may have seen some great concerts. :whistling2:

Bud Cline 11-21-2011 08:47 PM


"SIU" -
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, Illinois - United States of America
Yow I got it, I got it, I got it.
SIUE here!:thumbup:

Doc Holliday 11-21-2011 11:20 PM

Lollapalooza with Ministry, Pearl Jam, Lush, L7 and a few others. Myself and my friends all dropped about three hits of acid while waiting for the gates to open outside at The Fort Bend County Fairgrounds.

I start tripping hard, falling over with laughter, laughing at pretty much nothing and anything, mostly nothing. The same for my friends. This was all before noon.

Gates open and we go in. Directly in front is a huge stage so myself and my girlfriend go right up front and start watching. I'm wondering to myself, "who in the heck is this, this isn't Ministry or any of the big bands" (I was there to see) but we watched for some time and I decided to plant myself there, I was comfortable and happy, got right up front to the main stage which I thought would be impossible or so I thought plus my girlfriend was a perfect 10 in all manners and she was on my arm. I loved that girl or a least at night time I really did! :)

Then my girl, who was not tripping as she doesn't do any of that, and my other friends pull me aside. They drag me away from the stage for a few hundred feet to the right of first stage to an entrance to a field, to the main stage field, the stage being about three hundred yards way, way out there. The field is full of people, thousands and thousands. I instantly feel lost and start having a bad trip. I'm scared and now lost in my own mind, feeling like I can't breathe.

I spent the rest of the long and exasperating day and night laying in my girlfriend's lap, tripping hard and scared. I only got up when Ministry took the stage later at night, but only for a few songs and subsequently had to lay back down. The strobe lights were too bright and invading and there were simply way too many people for my liking.

Good times, or at least some of it was. :whistling2:

chrisn 11-22-2011 03:19 AM


Originally Posted by rusty baker (Post 776604)
I don't remember the 70's, so I may have seen some great concerts. :whistling2:

I KNOW I saw some great ones, still have the ticket stubs somewhere, but remember them? Well, no.:no:

DexterII 11-22-2011 07:28 AM

This one didn't end well, not at all. This would have been 1980, the last outdoor concert that I attended.
A lot of my friends were married, or pretty darn close, and although I was quite content with my life, working full time, having the money to do what I wanted when I wanted, hunting and fishing with my dad, working with him on his and mom's retirement home, etc., there was peer pressure, and I heard "you've got to meet her" on a regular basis.
Well, a few couples were headed to a concert, REO Speedwagon I think, although some of those types of details have gotten cloudy over the years, and I apparently was to be included, come hell or high water. I wasn't dating anyone in particular at the time, so one of the guys wife had a friend... right, we've all been there. Sheesh, another buddy even bought tickets for me and her, so what was I going to do.

I'm thinking that I have a bunch of things to do, as I am heading out on a month long cross country motorcycle ride in two days, but it's too late to back out, so off I go to pick her up.

Man! She was not only gorgeous, but intelligent, down to earth, didn't do drugs, etc., etc., etc., and we never ran out of anything to talk about on the two hour or so trip to the concert.
Concert was great, as best as I can recall, but I, and I honestly believe she, really enjoyed the time that we had with each other. Another couple hour drive back to take her home, and, sure enough, I left from her house the next morning to go to work.

Talked to her one time after that, the night before I left for my trip, and we set some times that I could call her while I was gone, which sounded great, except that I only ever got her answering machine while I was away, but was not surprised, as she was a nurses assistant, and worked very irregular hours.

And, of course, no cell phones at that time, and I was on my bike, with no schedule of where I would be or when, so it was simply a matter of REALLY looking forward to seeing her when I got home.

I got home very late the last day, so hit the rack, and headed straight to her house, about an hour away, the next morning.

That's when I met her folks, and her mom, albeit obviously shaken beyond belief at her situation, was very warm, and said that her daughter had told her about me, and was sorry that it was right before I was leaving, but was looking forward to my return.

Turns out that the second or third night after I left, my new friend had received a call in the middle of the night, from the hospital, saying that there had been a bad accident, with lots of serious injuries, and she had to get to work right away. Nobody knew what happened for sure after that, as it was a dark, desolate road, with a bad curve right over a railroad, but she apparently tried to beat the train, and lost.

Well, it took a while, but I dated again, and married my lovely bride several years later. We are very happy, and honestly love and respect each other very much, so I have no regrets with how life has turned out, but, although I obviously have no way of knowing what might have been, I still fondly recall that wonderful evening, and think of her when I happen to be in that part of the country, or think of concerts.

rossfingal 11-22-2011 07:42 AM



Now, that is a STORY!!!
Thanks!! :)

(Strange how life unfolds; isn't it!) :)

(Glad your here, and things sound OK!)

Happy Holidays! rossfingal

JackDidley 11-22-2011 08:58 AM

No big adventure here but sort of funny. One of my favorite concerts was the Guess Who. Early 70s. A few guys piled into my 48 Plymouth and went to the stadium. I had a new car but the 48 was way more fun. Sneaked a few beers in. Smoked a few doobies. Opening act was Kansas I think. After that my bud Rick just disappears . The rest of are having a good time and the band finishes with an awesome version of American Woman. We are all looking for Rick on the way out but dont see him. Until we get to the car. I see a foot sticking out from under the 48, covered with snow. We haul Rick out from under the car . Apparently he'd had too much partying and came out for fresh air. Due to the fact that it was cold and snowing it seemed like a good idea to "rest" under the car for a few minutes. Passed out and missed the whole show. Funny part is, the car was not even locked, he could been in it not under it:laughing::laughing:. :laughing::laughing:
He was a great friend and a really nice guy. Two years later committed suicide though.:(:(

rossfingal 11-22-2011 10:14 AM

Well, since everyone seems to be so, "shy" -
(Except "Doc", "DexterII", and "JackDidley" - thanks guys!!!) :)
I might as well toss another one out there!
(RF - at your "beck and call", for superfluous, inane "Banter"!!) :)

I'm out of college (boy, did I get lots of knowledge! - maybe not enough!) :)
I have a new girl-friend ( an "absolute Peach"!)
(Every dog has it's day!)

I had to leave the warm, cozy confines of the "Ivory Tower" because
the "Draft Board" reared it's "ugly head"!
Student Deferment has expired!!
I'm not going to go into my thoughts or feelings about the Vietnam War.
However, I had friends who returned from that place; and, told me what
was going on.
Enough said about that!

At college, I moved in a "rough" crowd.
Some people might say "Bad" - some people might say "Good".
Almost all of them were Good people
(One of them saved my life!!)
Two of them happened to be chemistry majors -
one was working on a Masters Degree; the other, on a PhD.
Really smart, funny, nice people!

So, I'm leaving college, to confront; who knows what fate -
(I knew; but, I wasn't 100% sure).
I didn't talk about it; and, I wasn't going to tell them!
They wanted to throw a "going away" party.
However, some of them slipped me some "going away" presents!
Thank you - where-ever you are!

So, later - there comes a time that seems appropriate to try this
unknown, powdery substance that those two chemistry majors
have "whipped" up in the laboratories at "SIU"!

My girlfriend, my brother and myself are going to go to a concert
in Woodstock, Ill. - at the Woodstock Opera House (NICE place!)
Cheap tickets - my girl friend is going to drive - "Boo-Ful" summer
Good time to break out this mysterious, powdery substance.
What is it: powdered sugar, talcum powder, flour??
None of the above!

I was instructed that "a little goes a long, long way".
I follow the instructions.
My brother and I "partake" of it.
We're at a park in Aurora, ILL. - McCarty Park - throwing a frissbe around.
Just passing the time until we have to get on the rode up to
The "mysterious powder" kicks in!!! :)
I've had experience at "SIU" ( I hung with a rough crowd!) -
With spurious, substances - every thing you can imagine; and, things you probably, have never heard of.
NOTHING - I mean nothing like this! :)
No loss of "control", at all!
No "side effects"!
Like:"Life", reality on steroids!

Time for a break.


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