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Conman 08-18-2011 11:42 PM

Check out my Agate blog!
Thisw is a page where I post up my recent Lake Superior Agate finds! If you dont know what a Lake Superior Agate is; They were formed 1-2 billion years ago when our continent was trying to split apart due to volcanism in the Lake Superior region. Agates were formed in the gas bubbles left behind from this activity. It isn't know exactly how long it took the agate to form but some say over 10 million years to form a single agate. During the last ice age these agates were moved from their home by glaciers and distributed all around Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin... During the early half of this century the Lake Superior Agates were plentiful along the beaches of Lake Superior. finding these became very popular. Now adays finding them has become more of a challenge and just picking them from the beach isn't as easy as it once was... Anyways this is my blog which highlights my recent Lake Superior Agate finds. Check it out!

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