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I lived in a land of 75 degrees most of the year so I can feel the pain. My second ever car, a real era VW bug, had no AC but I lived.

People thought my home in Northern California had AC but an architect plunked it on the site so it it caught night breezes. There is almost a 40 degree change in temperature where I lived which is so see people in summer sweaters. And he designed an amazing roof ridge ventilation system that sucked all the hot air out at night during rare hot nights.

Where I was it seldom got or stayed all that hot for that long unless the fog from the ocean was blocked for some reason. Unknown to many, the same gulf stream that put palm trees in Ireland and moved things like salmon to Ireland and Norway hits California during the winter months. It is a lovely time to sail around the place. Seldom any heavy fog. Seasonal tropical fish will be swelling restaurant menus soon. When on the warm water you experience a very temperate existence. Get back to land? I do not remember being so damp and cold as during N California winters on land. You cannot bundle up much or you sweat like a pig. And it is like London were the moisture just makes you shiver when it drop to 40.

I survived it for decades but had to go eat snow in the mountains at least once each year. I know it is cliche but I missed the real change of seasons I grew up with. There is something about the first spring bulbs popping out of snow covered ground that sticks with you. And I really missed thunderstorms.

I do miss watching and sailing the California coast with whales playing alongside. I am done skiing. And I do have air conditioning and heat. And thinking can be different on both coasts. If you kick a native MidAmerican like me you can get a discussion about anything going though. And it takes so long to bundle up to go outside in the winter people really do relish spending time indoors together.

And cold winters equalizes the size issue for women. Every now and then you see some size 2 with some stuffed rodent around I suppose an elegant coat. Her teeth chatter though. Real women with brains and much more to offer bundle up. If I were hunting one, I would pick the one smiling at -20 below and in layers of wool and down. She would be a cuddler.


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You can't go wrong with a cuddler ;-)
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If you are not habitual of reading then start it at the sleeping time, your eyes get tired and you will automatically get asleep with the book only.
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I'm working on a woman to be my cuddle bear as we speak.
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One Benedryl. That's it! If you have tolerance, or are a regular benedryl taker, this won't work at all for you. Benedryl is prescribed for sleep all the time.
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I'm knockin' on the door of 60 now and for years I did fine on 3-5 hours a night. Now there times I am lucky to get 3. I work an office job for most of the day and then 6-8 hours of construction / fabrication work. I have a heckuva time falling asleep as my brain refuses to shut down. Doctor prescribed 10mg Ambien. It works sometimes, but most of the time nothing... Tylenol PM was what I used for a couple of years, but it doesnt do anything either. I don't drink or smoke. I do have a few large cups of coffee every morning - thats my only real vice.. Drink diet 7up or diet rootbeer in the afternoons along with water..

Not long ago I got pretty sick from lack of sleep. Over a 3 week span, I got only an hour or two of sleep in a night. Ended up in the ER with a massive migraine and could barely walk. They gave me some drugs to kill the headache and put me to sleep. It worked and I got better, but now am slipping back to the same thing again.. My day job is pretty stressful, but at my age, I wouldn't have a snowballs chance in you-know-where of getting a new job and can't afford to quit..

I am going to look into that valerian root extract.. What the heck do I have to lose?

As long as I keep waking up on the right side of the lawn - I guess I'm doing good...

Good luck Doc.. I feel your pain buddy...

BTW, -20 in February - we are still grilling in the back yard..
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Well - "Doc"!
I hope with all the "good", suggestions you've gotten -
you've found something that works!
(Hope the "cuddling" one helps!)

I have another one -
the judicious, application of a hammer to one's head.
(Type and size - your choice!)
(Not responsible for any - resulting contusions, abrasions, stitches,

Another rather, extreme solution -
An "accidental", rapid, descent from a ladder, roof, scaffold ....
Has been known to produce -
Very "sleep producing", results!
(Remember - the resulting, possibility of damage to inanimate, objects -
vehicles, concrete ... can result in costs for repair/replacement -
consult your doctor - "Doc"!!!)

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Question: How do you wake up a single individual in a dorm or barracks without disturbing anyone else?
Answer: Shine a flashlight in their face. This will cause their pupils to constrict (even through closed eyelids) and will wake them up.

According to DH (old school USCG) red dials were used in ships and planes because they did not cause your pupils to constrict, causing you to lose your "night vision".

Take a look at that digital alarm clock next to your bed. If the numbers are blue or green and you're not sleeping as well as you like, get rid of it and get one with red numbers. It can make a difference.


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