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You talking to me?
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Originally Posted by CoconutPete View Post
I can't quite judge the tone in here either, it almost sounds like "your name isn't on the deed, GTFO" in some places but since I am the caretaker of the place I think it's reasonable to be upset over a broken gate in a gated community taking 8 months to repair.....
It's not that it's GTFO but if it comes down to it, unless you have an interest in the property, the board does not have to even talk to you. Due to that, anything close to urging, pushing, stressing, or whatever term one might use to express any sort of force, the board may simply clam up and tell you to GTFO.

My statement was more of a precaution than anything else. It appears they do speak with you currently and that is great. If you push them too hard, they might change that level of communication.

Maybe they have already done that by giving you the "parts are on order" statement.


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Originally Posted by Mr Chips View Post
Your post seemed to suggest that he was ridiculous in thinking he (or his parents) should be upset by not getting what they paid for,
That was not my intention. I certainly do not think it is ridiculous to get what you pay for. My point is that he might not have paid for it- yet. Paying for it might have to be thru a special assessment or a dues increase. My point is simply that getting the gate fixed could possibly require more money, paying less dues would not fix anything.

and that taking any action was going to risk causeing a dues increase.
Not any action, but some actions certainly could cause a dues increase. What I said stands, when someone threatens something and the association has to deal with it, that costs money. That money is paid for by the members of the association.
We have board members on our HOA that tend to ridicule each and every complaint that comes in, so maybe your comment about the old ladies leaving you constant voice mails struck a nerve with me....
I didn't say old ladies, just ladies. And to be fair, I think you need to read what I said in it's entirety including the post I was replying to:
Originally Posted by concretemasonry View Post
Being on the board is a thankless voluntary job because you get all of the complaints about what have been done long too late.
You bet your ass. It's funny how the people who complain the most are the ones who will never volunteer to help out and who always want more done yet complain even more when we raise the fees.

This isn't aimed at you, CoconutPete. I'm talking about some of the ladies who never stop leaving me voicemails
I don't see how you can have a problem with that.


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