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Joe1. 09-07-2010 01:42 PM

Bobcat Going rate question
Hi everyone,

I've done quite a bit of bobcat work (burying, spreading, grading, etc.) for myself and a few friends, and I've gotten pretty good at it. Now I'm thinking of doing some more work for other people. I'm curious what is a normal going rate for a day about? I remember reading on craigslist a while back that a guy was willing to pay $300 for less than a days worth of work (he said about 1/2 day probably). That seemed a little high at the time. $300-$350 sounds more like a decent rate for a whole day. What do you guys think? Or do you just go by the job? If so, say a guy wanted a certain amount of fill spread (and probably roughly graded), do you go by amount of fill to spread? What about a little less than an acre, removing sand and putting top soil ready for grass (potential job I have)?

Any tips on pricing would be appreciated.

Thanks guys,


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