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Black mold

Ran across this in a new story about allergies. It surprised me.

Myth 3: Black mold can cause some truly terrifying diseases.
Google “black mold” and you’ll find websites linking it to some frightening maladies – things like seizures, fibromyalgia, bipolar disorder, cancer.
“This has been attributed to cause all kinds of ailments,” Stukus says. “But there is absolutely no scientific link of a causal disorder to black mold to any of these disorders.”
But the most black mold can do to you is cause allergic rhinitis and asthma symptoms — if, that is, you're allergic to mold in the first place.


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Yep. There was a story about kittens that died after exposure to "Black Mold" and one about human infants suffering from several disorders after exposure too. Both stories originated from really sketchy sources, but the news media picked up on them along with some of the peddlers of "magic mold killer" and all of a sudden they took on a life of their own. I've done mold work for a long time. Even before it became it's own industry, if you want to call it that. One thing I am sure of. There are those people who cannot be exposed to certain molds. People who have compromised immune systems (bone marrow transplant patients, advanced HIV desease)=no. People under going certain cancer treatments=no. People with chronic asthma=no. People with certain pulmonary diseases=no. The very young or very old=no. Normally healthy people who are not particularly susceptible to mold allergens are not a problem. Should they live in it every day? No. It is pathetic that the news media has hyped this up to the point where people are trembling in fear of some moldy drywall. What really pisses me off is the doomsday prophets who have created websites purporting to be experts on mold and when I read them, the B.S. and half truths make me cringe. But most people are really ignorant of the facts about mold and choose to believe what the read on those sites. I see them quoted on here all of the time. Somebody will come on the forums with a mold question and 2-3 people will start offering advice that they got from some B.S. website. Want to see what media hype will do? google mold and Erin Brackovich or mold and Ed McMahon. Both made big bucks from law suit settlements involving mold. OK. Enough rant from me. I've mold to kill.......... even with bleach hehehe


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So much histeria these days. People want to believe in something- anything. Even causing real Estate business much worry/panic. Your house had black mold?? Geez, isnt that like the Black Death in the Dark ages in Europe?? I dont want that house!!! No way- It had the Black Mold.
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Mold!! Let's kill it!
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People want to believe what they read, and it's on the internet so it must be true. They can't put anything on the internet that isn't true. LOL

Some people don't want to believe it, but, I can go into any house out there and find mold in it somewhere. I might have to look harder in some than others, but it's there. So people are living with mold every day and I have yet to read an obituary about a normal person dying from mold exposure. How many mold spores you think you inhaled in that last breath? You won't find any credible source publishing exposure limits on mold, because nobody knows what it may be or if a limit even exists.
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