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Hello all, following up on this post.

I had the surgery on October second. In the weeks before, I couldn't walk more than four blocks before I had to stop due to the pain. The photo shows I've just logged my 103rd mile since then. I am also off all pain pills even Tylenol. I was able to stop narcotics in less than 10 days after having been on them for over two years. Thank you all who took the time to post encouragement. It really helped.

I hope to be cleared to finish the house renovation I swore to my husband would be finished in a few months (that was two and a half years ago) on the 15th. I'll also lace up the ol' hockey skates and bust a few heads.
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This is great news! Congratulations. I'm glad the surgery went well and you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.

Thanks for the update!


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Good for you! You're an inspiration to so many people!
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My wife had her L4-L5 and L5-S1 fused last year and it's been a life changer. All around success, so yes there are stories like that out there.
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We need to get more positive stories out. I can finally read my son more than one bed time story because it doesn't hurt to lie on my back anymore.
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Originally Posted by user1007 View Post
I have not had back surgery but have had others in the last few years due to the failure of the veins in one leg.

Those in my life that have complained most about back and knee surgery tended to complain alot about other things---or just about anything and the surgery just gave them something else to whine about.

The techniques get better all the time too and I certainly hope the decision in your case is because the quality of life you have now or the damage waiting could create far worse problems later on.

As mentioned, the anesthesia will depend on the length of the surgery and the docs but you will not feel a thing if they are doing a general and even the nausea after some complain about is seldom a factor at all. You might be light headed and your appetite off for half a day or so. I have always snapped out of it in record time.

Pain management shouldn't be but is a tricky thing and my advice to you is to be firm about it. Docs take very little coursework in pain management and near none have any idea of what addiction is really about beyond what you see on tv and read about so you know as much about it as they do. Of course they are afraid anybody they put on hydrocordone for more than two pills will turn into an addict and sadly our culture seems intent on proving them correct! But if you need pain meds, just stomp your feet until you get what you need and demand to see a pain specialist. They will not give you any more than makes sense of for longer than you need them. They will not let you be in a state of unmanageable pain at least to the extent of their capabilities.

What you do not want to do for long is keep yourself so souped up on pain meds you cannot experience what is going on or you will not be able to communicate the type and frequency of pain, whether it happens when you move a certain way, put extra weight on carrying things too soon, etc. And do heed the instructions about what and how much you should lift and starting when.

Chances are you will be offered some regimen of physical therapy and I encourage you to embrace that to the fullest extent you can. Push yourself as far as is safe even through some degree of discomfort. You will recover much quicker and be much stronger. Many of the people in my building are elderly and subject to back, shoulder an knee surgeries. The difference between those who cooperate with physical therapy and those who do not is nothing short of dramatic. My aunt is in her late 70s and was in the pool within a couple days of the last surgery. She is so glad she did the second knee.

In short, try not to worry too much. It is scary of course and do not deny yourself those important feelings. But talk them out with loved ones and your doc or nurse practitioner if you start obsessing about them. And be positive. You are probably going to feel much much better really soon.

Even I have gone through knee surgery last year. But suddenly after 11 months of surgery I started getting pain on my patella. I went to doctor but they said that its quite normal pain. I then started surfing, collecting information then I came across a book on patellar tendonitis and according to that these kinds of knee pain are not normal. They may rise if not cured in time. I read that book and got to know that kneading the patella by ice, wearing jumper's knee will help in reducing the pain. It can also be cured by RICE method !!
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Good for you!

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best place to find what is wrong with you- family reunions. Many brothers, sisters, grandparents will have many of the same problems as yourself. I was rather entertaining watching everyone discuss all there aliments and what worked for them


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