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asking too much?

Having a new roof put on and the contractor is about half done when I noticed a couple issues. First is there's nail heads showing here and there. Lead man said it's just cosmetic but he will tar and granule to cover up or replace shingles. I don't want to be taken advantage of nor do I want to be a pain in the butt so which is a proper fix? Spent the extra money for gaf/elk timberline shingles for cosmetic reasons so how it looks in the end is important.

Second issue is missing granules. Only a few shingles but it looks like the granules didn't stick on 1" round to 3"x3" sections . Can't see these from the ground so the question is will that effect the life of the shingle or not? If so do the tar and granule fix or replace?

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asking too much?

Moved to Off topic since not a DIY issue

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asking too much?

Nails shouldn't show. Either those nails are not in the proper position on the shingle or there's too much reveal in the next row.
I'll leave it to the roofing contractors for opinions on the tar and granule fix, but in the limited roofing I do when I come across a badly scuffed shingle I toss it aside and use a good one.
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asking too much?

If your not happy with certain issues of the job.Or you see things that concern you.It is you right as a homeowner to be concerned.The only areas on a home where face nails are found is on the last cap of the ridge.Some times the easiest fix is to pull out the low nailed shingles and replace those,same goes with the scuffed of Manufactored defect.On a side note nail heads showing below the shingles is not cosmetic.To me it's an eyesore.
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asking too much?

As R. Smith said, but more than an eyesore--- you may lose the manufacturer's warranty.

Be safe, Gary
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asking too much?

Thanks guys. They replaced the scuffed ones and the ones with nails too low. Looks perfect now.

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