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Rasputin 06-19-2010 11:41 AM

Anybody had any problems with Amana or Rheem?
Need an overhaul of my home HVAC and it's got problems I can't deal with myself. A lot of ducting issues from the previous DIY'er who didn't DI very well. :(

I've had two quotes and have one more incoming, first quote included an Amana system: an SSX16-030 2.5 ton 15 SEER AC unit and an AMVC95 045 2 stage variable speed furnace.

The second quote included a Rheem RAPM 3 ton 14.5 SEER and a Classic 90 Plus.

They're both going to fix the ducting, but the second guy also gave me a hard-sell "I'll take $1000 off if you pick us today" which got my wife's hackles up. Third company's coming out Wednesday but they sell Rheem, Trane and Amana, so I don't anticipate a big difference there.

I Googled for info on both systems and found a bunch of complaints about the Rheem furnace, mostly about it being relatively high maintenance and needing a pro cleaning at least annually. Couldn't find anything about the Amanas.

Anybody have any experience with these? Thanks.

Edit: Hey, Google Chrome automatically capitalized Google on me. HAH!

beenthere 06-19-2010 12:35 PM

The Rheem Classic is a very popular model. So it makes sense that you would find reviews that are not favorable to it.

Those $1,000 off it you sign right now. Are always funny.

Call him back. And tell him that you were going to go with him. But since you lost that $1,000 discount, your going with another guy.

When he says he can still do it, if he comes right over, and you sign. Then say, Now it sounds like your were just gouging me. So i can't trust anything you say.

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