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karlman84 04-23-2013 11:56 PM

You've Guessed it! A new Guy!
Hello Everyone!

We are somewhat new home owners. We have been in our house for five years this year. The house was built in 1910. When we originally bought the house we thought that we would only have to take down the wall paper and re paint ourselves. Boy were we wrong! It seems like as soon as we bought the house every thing started to fall apart. I think the previous owner did quick fixes and probably knew what he needed to do on a yearly basis. We knew that we would have to replace the knob and tube wiring (two circuits and it still needs to be replaced). We knew we would have to replace the windows (this was done a couple of years ago by a a professional window manufacturer/installer). But the biggest surprise was the furnace! It appeared fine during the home inspection, but when I mentioned during a water heater quote from service experts that some crayons had melted in one of the vents, they wanted to take a look at the furnace. It turns out that someone had messed around with the limit switch on the furnace and took the safety off of it and put it all the way up! So the water heater turned into a new water heater, furnace and central a/c ( our current one was made in 89 and sucked back electricity!) Then some of our shingles fell off our roof onto our neighbors car (their driveway is directly beside our house) so it was evident that it was time for a new roof! Then after that grout started to fall out in the shower. It got to the point where some tiles fell off the wall taking the plaster behind with them. I did my best to put the tiles back on and I caulked where all the grout had fallen. There is no ventalation fan in the bathroom and allot of the paint is peeling on the ceiling. There also appear to be nicotine stains popping up on the roof aswell. The problem with our house is that it's a story and a half barn style roof. So I can touch the highest part of our roof up stairs. The back of the shower is against angled part of the roof, so I would not be able to put a standard tub surround in like I want :(. After the bathroom I want to replace ALL the electrical in the house as I do not trust any of the work the previous owner has done. Also, my back fence fell down during winter, so that need s to be replaced! It never ends!

I have worked for an electrical contractor(never actually started an apprentiship) , so I do have some experience in that area. I have no other experience in most of the other home DIY areas, but I would like to think that I can do a good job with the right guidance!

oh'mike 04-24-2013 05:30 AM

Welcome to the site! Join right in.----Mike---------

Catdaddyxx 04-24-2013 06:17 AM


PaliBob 04-24-2013 01:59 PM

Hi Karl Thanks for sharing, and Welcome to the Forum
Thanks for including your location in your profile.
Also check out how to Post pictures in the How To section.

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