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DangerMouse 12-21-2010 07:44 AM

Welcome New Members! Please read this before proceeding!
Hello and welcome to!

We realize that some of our new members may not only be new to our forum, but new to forums or even new to computers as well, and will say hello here in the Introductions section, but also ask questions here.

Our helpful members rarely come to this section so questions asked here will most likely not receive the attention they need.

So please say hello here, but if you have questions as well, return to the main page and choose a section that is pertinent to your problem. I.E.: Leaky roof? Post in Roofing Section, Leaky Plumbing? Plumbing section, and so on. This will ensure that you will get a speedy reply to your problem. (Please only post ONE time with a specific question, it's heck to clean up sometimes, and BOTH posts may be deleted.)

Be sure to add your location, it always helps when codes are in question, as they do tend to differ depending on your location.

PLEASE try to write so we can understand you. Use sentences, capitalization and punctuation.

Moderators can be identified by their nicks showing in BOLD print in their posts.

At present, the moderators are: kwikfishron, TheEplumber, oh'mike, BigJim and beenthere

If you appreciate answers you receive, or just like a particular post, the "Thanks!" button in the lower right of each and every post can be clicked to show your appreciation! Feel free to use them!

Good Luck, Play Nice, Have Fun and Have a Magical Day!


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