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The Security Guy

Hello All,

I received an email saying that I should introduce myself, so here it goes.

I am a 16 year veteran of the security industry working with Residential and Commercial security concerns.

My company is NTX Security ( and is based in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. I would be happy to assist with any security related questions and offer my opinion and or assistance. You are also welcome to visit my blog at

I got into the security business because of life events that happened to me and those around me. I am very passionate about what I do. If I appear to be "over the top" sometimes, I don't mean to, I just believe in what we do.

Thank you in advance for allowing me to participate and learn at the same time.


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Security is Good! Welcome.


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installing a Network ip camera system

Hello, I've been searching the web for info on how to set up networkable ip cameras that will send a copy of recordings to a remote location. 2 weeks ago my home was broken into and I lost many irreplaceable items. And I am pissed (sorry..) My home was not an "easy mark". I have motion sensor flood lights on 3 sides of the house and a always on flood in front (which they struck and broke). There's a security screen door (it was pried apart and door kicked in) and all doors have dead bolts and locks. My safe/valuables were in a reenforced dead bolted closet. And safe was bolted to the wall. None of these stopped the creeps from succeeding. I only rent my home so i don't want to install a expensive alarm system. Camera's seem the next logical choice. I already have quite a few of the necessary items ie: Airlink 101 ptz camera, various CCD camera's w/ night vision, a small usb camera for covert placement inside, a Sensormatic Duplex Multiplexer (not really sure if/or how I can use it..?) and Macintosh iMac and MacBook Pro. I have been running into a few snags w/ the Mac's & finding compatible software. I have a general idea of what I want but lack the knowledge and know how to actually make it all work. Basically I need a recording sent elsewhere that they CAN'T steal. Most of my cameras are CCD and all have different end connectors (rca,cmos, etc). I'd like include motion sensing/tracking that would alert my iphone when triggered. The system has to be relatively low maintenance. So in haste I don't forget to turn it on and guests won't see to much I'm trying to stay away from wireless ( to easily intercepted). My problem is how do I make all this work together? Are there services or servers that provide remote video storage? Would getting a DVR be prudent? If you can be of any assistance my appreciation will know no bounds!! Each time I leave my home now I'm overcome with the fear that "it " could happen again. Thank you
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Re - installing a Network ip camera system

First I am very sorry for your loss. One of the more difficult parts of our job is meeting with people who have already been a victim of an intrusion. Traditional video (CCTV) is a terrific tool for documenting an event, but unless you have a trigger (an alarm or motion camera set on a schedule) it will only be helpful in identifying the intruder if you get a clear shot of a face etc.

Monitored alarm systems are for the most part very affordable for a basic system and if it is wireless it can move with you. We actually have a wireless system that has integrated wireless cameras, but that may not be in your budget.

SO - As far as online storage goes - without knowing more about where you live, I can only recommend Googling “Remote Camera DVR Storage”. You can also have your site monitored by a central station based on a schedule you provide so when there is motion they can notify you or your local law enforcement.

Also read:

Bottom Line – My recommendations are:
1) Create a perimeter of detection around your house with yards signs and window stickers (if applicable) to let potential intruders know that you are protected with a video security system.
2) Reinforce areas of access to you home (long screws in door jambs to secure your jamb to the 2x4 frame, not just the milled door frame) thumb screws on windows etc.
3) Get a basic wireless alarm system – Wireless systems have made great progress over the past few years and they are very effective for most residential applications. This can move with you fairly easy. (I would recommend having the system monitored by a professional alarm company.)
4) By having the system monitored this gives your intruders much less time in your home to look for a DVR. So place your DVR in an inconspicuous location that will be difficult to locate in less than 10 minutes. (Don’t tell anyone where you place it. Many time it can be a friend of a friend that becomes your intruder)
5) If your DVR has online access your monitoring company may be able to view the alarm events, based on the trigger of your alarm activation.

I hope this has been helpful general information. Please keep me posted on your progress.
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business security , home security , job site security

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