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scottyoung 08-03-2008 02:24 PM

Newbie is amazed-you seem nice!
I wanted to say THANKS from newbie from Texas,Nevada California, Maryland and now West Virginia. No, I am not running from the law ha ha ha----just had a career for 30 years (music)where the jobs would either go dry or you moved because of a career opportunity. I was in Maryland for 21 years, then sold my condo where my wife was president of the assoc. for 6 years, then we got ONE TOO MANY DOGS, and after we helped our neighbors get through TWO fires (we did all the insurance stuff for the residents)they said we had to go. So we went to West Virginia, and got more room anyway.
Anyway, after 9/11, people stopped coming to DC (Maryland is 20 minutes)to have their parties, so musicians stopped making any money in this area. I also heard it's the same nationwide.So I started working in sales.
We are BLESSED to have a pretty big house on an acre of land and people when we first moved here kept giving (dumping) their dogs on us, saying "if you don't take her. we're gonna shoot her. Welcome to a farm-ranch mentality( I dont want to say West Virginia)We have 6 now, and they are our family and prime interest.
Thats too much about us right now, more later. THANKS:)

Sammy 08-03-2008 02:35 PM

Only six dawgs in West by gosh Virginny!?

Gotta git a couple more!

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