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New and thanks for having this site!!!

Hello from the midwest!

I am a woman not known in the past for being handy, but have been figuring things out as best I can. Recently I shocked myself while attempting electrical, so I am trying not to get too gung ho and get myself zapped or anything again. Those youtubes look so great - but there is often a little more to it I guess.

I have a lovely house, but complicated due to 2 additions. It has 4 fuse boxes with a 5th for the gas generator. The gas generator is supposed to recycle, but I have not heard it do that in awhile. I have 2 sump pumps, a well, septic, an acre, occasional mice in the basement that once in awhile get up to my kitchen (but then the cat kills them), and some of the usual funky house stuff that every home owner deals with.

Okay - here is what I am working on and thinking about currently:

- Refinishing wood window trim of windows that roll outward, so the trim needs to be redone. So I did a few windows, and give myself a C - B on them. In a few spots the stain did not stick as it should have. Wonder what I can do about that before I tackle any more windows?

- Puting in light bulbs outside that do not attract the bugs to my cedar siding.
I gave up doing my lights myself after a little shock and realizing that the ground wires were not visible. Electrician put in the new lights, now I am looking for suitable bulbs. Not too bright, not attracting bugs is what I am looking for.

- Getting weeds out of my brick walk, power washing it and putting sand in the crevices.

- Refinishing spots on the exterior cedar with a Cabot semi transparent stain.

- This is embarrasing. Handling a little electric drill. I got one, and I think I am going to have to get a piece of wood and some screws and just practice.

- What paint to use to go over a fake wook panel. I need to simply paint it white, but do not know what kind of paint to use.

- When a little bit of the grout is tired in my ceramic tile, and looks like it needs to be filled in, then I assume I just match up the grout and regrout?

- I need to caulk in a bathroom. Never caulked before.

- I have a shower ceiling that occasionally gets brown spots. I cleaned them recetly. I do not know why that happens or the best way to clean it.

- I tried fixing my toilet, but it is still ghost flushing. So I think I have to replace it.

There are other things I am looking at and want to improve, but this is all for now. This site is fantastic! I will be reading and reading and reading!!!!


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New and thanks for having this site!!!

Welcome to the forums!

Just start one thread with question/s in proper forum, you'll see many titles, pick the closest. A moderator is around to help/move the thread if in the wrong forum, no problem!

Glad you found us....



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WELCOME to the forums, if I forgot to say it!
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New and thanks for having this site!!!

Originally Posted by RhodesHardwood View Post
Welcome to diy!
Ah, our resident spammer hits again, the free advertising is great isn't it RH.
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New and thanks for having this site!!!

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