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Dinggus 07-30-2010 11:16 PM

New home owners
I'm 22yrs old, and my wife and I just bought a house. It was built in 1977, all brick. Has a nice front and back yard, and so far the wife and I are painted all the rooms. Here is a list:

Living Room - Navy Blue / White Crown Molding / Lime Green accents (ex: candle holders/picture frames)
Master Bedroom - Hot Pink / White Crown Molding / Black accents
My Man Cave - Red / White Crown Molding / White & Black accents
Friend's Room - San Diego Charger Blue (that's what he calls it)
Kitchen - Light Brown / White Crown Molding / Brown Accents

Expand the driveway - Only 1 car port, would like to have a wide driveway to park cars without a hassle
Solar Panel Lights - The small ones just to light up the drive way / walk way
White Picket Fence (Maybe)
2 car garage - I've never seen a 2 car garage in NC, and I'd like one if possible.

Privacy Fence - Would have to talk to neighbors, and don't know if I'd DIY on that one, ha.
Outside Bar
Solar Panel Lights

Our kitchen area is like a small rectangle, and it doesn't make sense, the sink and dishwasher are across the room from each other, so the wife and I are thinking about knocking out the wall that separates the kitchen and dinning room, then expanding the kitchen cabinets and moving the dishwasher next to the sink and what not. She also wants like a breakfast counter type deal. We're having a Home Depot guy come Sunday morning to give us an estimate on how much it would cost.


So far the living room is done, and the master bedroom is almost done. I'll post before and after pictures, definitely forgot to get a before picture for the master bedroom. But, I'm glad to have signed up for this forum and hopefully have enough confidence into doing a few projects.

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