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SAMSET 11-10-2010 10:46 AM

new guy
hello folks. im sam kinda new homeowner. i bought a 1400sq ft home almost 3 years ago.
half acre of land with a pool and basement. i love owning a home but as im sure many have found out already it is a pita. but well wroth it. nothing really wrong with my place but i have come here just to learn tips. i am on a few auto truck forums and just reading post has helped me along those line. so i hope it dose here also.

i would like to remodel my kitchen soon. my fridge broke down about 3 weeks ago so i bought a new one which makes me want to bring the rest of the kitchen to its level. BUT my bathroom needs something done soon. it is just not my style so im stuck.

i guess bathroom wise i do have a question. i have 1 full bath meaning toilet and tub and shower. i don't really care about the tub and thought maybe i could take it out and put in a nice standing shower only with glass doors and tile walls etc... but i was told that if i don't have a tub i could only sell it as a half bath house. true?

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