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rbcf 12-09-2010 09:50 AM

new to the forum
Hi I'm a woman that has a husband with Pick diaeses-like aliz. and have to do all the things around the house and get the roofers in . I use to help take off shingles and pulled nail, cleaned up after the roofing jobs or tearing down buildings years ago but now I'm getting up in age with a back that is fused so can't get down very good. the contractors have a way up here when they don't think that there is a man around that they can do most anything as I found out several times. I'm trying to make sure that I know more as I get tired of being taken. I stopped one contractor from taken my 88 yrs old woman neighbor by taping him and the insurance guy saying he would do it for a certain price and when he came up he wanted way more I told him I got him on tape that he would do it for that price, boy did he come up that he was talking about a different house. Than her garage was hit with hail- I got up there with them and pionted out the damage. As a woman with lots of stress with illness in the family I'm trying to keep above water and like it when a person is honest and really need to know if I'm right so I can also do a good job of being a good customer. When a roofer decides to put caulking under the shingles that are up in the air and no way for it to touch the others, he told me that he was trying to please me. Well as anyone with a brain can figure it out it won't help and may prevent it from sealing when it does get warm enough. Some of the shingles are kind of rolled up. My hair is standing up on the back of my neck and I got to find out things to stand up to him. I haven't paid him as when his roofer left shingle pcs under the paper I wonder if that is why even at 65-70 degrees it didn't lay down Thanks

Ed the Roofer 12-09-2010 10:56 AM

Welcome rbcf.

Sorry about the illnesses in your family and the stresses you have to put up with.

Stick around and you will get the advice that you need.

Also, please try to put your comments into somewhat of paragraph form so it may be easier to read.



Jim F 12-09-2010 09:19 PM


Originally Posted by Ed the Roofer (Post 548546)
Also, please try to put your comments into somewhat of paragraph form so it may be easier to read.



They called that "white space" in my technical writing class. Agreed, it does make it easier to read.

To the OP, your best defense against getting taken is good references. BBB is also a good place to start. The next best thing is the ability to demonstrate knowledge on the project at hand and you'll get plenty of that here. The scammers will likely not return once they realize they can't take advantage of you.

What a shame that legitimate contractors, like the ones who post here, have a few bad apples giving them a bad name.

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