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Lazy_Jake 10-25-2009 10:52 AM

My intro
Hi guys. Name's Jake Wagg and I'm living here in Lewiston, Maine. We bought our first home in May, moved in around the beginning of July after we had torn up and replaced the living room / hallway carpet & pad, removed most of the trim, scraped off the atrocious wall paper, puttied and painted the LR & HW walls and the bathroom is still being done right now. Most of the trim is still missing. They need to be painted, but my priorities (interest) keeps changing. I have already did the kitchen floor and washroom floor as well using a wood look vinyl covering from Konecto. A billion times better than the barf brown linoleum we covered. The roof had to be re-done for the sale and that was done with architectural shingles. Had the house and garage done for about $7k.
The current bathroom project is coming along slowly, but has started to speed up since I had to remove the toilet yesterday to start the wall painting and Trafficmaster flooring. Speaking of which, can't they make toilet seals out of something other than beeswax? Peeling that junk up can be a stomach turner given the characteristic of the drain. :sick: I'm going to put in a new vanity top made of a tan granite on the existing vanity. The vanity needed re-structuring to accommodate a top with a central sink. It was a dual set-up that had a cabinet door, 3 vertical drawers, cabinet, drawers. Now it's drawers, cabinet, cabinet, drawers. Exiting, huh? :yawn:

Well that's me and my issues. :sleep1:

PaliBob 10-28-2009 04:34 AM

Jake, Welcome to the Forum

I really like your Avatar


Lazy_Jake 10-31-2009 03:17 PM

Thanks. I thought it was fitting. :thumbup:

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