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just me, girl with older home

hi every body, my name is jo i too have an older home a 1900 - 1910 somewhere in there victorian in texas . i have done alot of work to this house, new roof, decking and all, new windows , paint i even finished the original wood floors myself. when i get this house good and tight i would like to put in central heat and air, right now i have window units and dearborn heaters , but i need to have this thing completly rewired before i can put all that in , does any one know is it a huge job to take out all the old and put in new wiring and is it very expensive , the house is about 1425 sf. i hope to be talking to you all, i know im a girl but i love doing projects on my own . thanks jo


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Originally Posted by johicks View Post
does any one know is it a huge job to take out all the old and put in new wiring and is it very expensive
That, as you probably know, is a very open ended question. It might be best to contact a local heating and cooling firm, who can help you determine the best solution to your needs, get some general power requirements from them, and then, once you have an idea of what you will need, contact a local electrical contractor to discuss your options. Or, you may very well even be able to go directly to the electrical contractor, who may have a pretty good idea of what the loads are for your type of house in your environment. Regardless, in my opinion, there are far too many variables in a house of that age to get any kind of idea on the internet.


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I have rewired and plumbed my old houses, and it is a big job, but before you do anything else, you should do the wiring and plumbing first. What many owner do is restore the visible stuff first, and then realize that much of it had to be redone after the walls are opened.
The good news is that in many houses, of the turn of the 19th century. have a lot of access behind the walls. (spacing was used as installation). In addition, you may find there are no fire breaks between the wall studs, All of which makes it easier to "fish" wire thru the walls, so less damage has to be done to run the wire.

An inspection of the attic, and basement or crawl space, will reveal a lot of where the access point maybe. Much of the work of electrical is pulling wire to the right location. To start, you need to make a floor plan, locating all outlets needed. Every wall of 6ft needs an outlet in living areas. and a outlet for the kitchen and bath, etc.

In addition, you will probably need an electrician to put in a new 100 amp service box. A good Electrician may work with you, work is hard to find these days. Which will minimize the cost.

Romex #14-2 plus ground, is required on 15 amp circuits and #12-2 plus ground for 20amp circuits.

Good Luck and thank you for preserving a little history.
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Keep in mind you don't need to do the whole house. Knob and tube wiring is safe for low load applications like room lights and outlets provided that it terminates in a good updated panel. I would be far more concerned about any updated wiring from the middle of last century that might use BX cabling which can deteriorate and be a real hazard.

So you could update your panel, update your service to 100 or 200 am (100 should be fine in that size house unless you're a real power user), re-run circuits to the kitchen and appliances and be ready for new HVAC without doing the entire house.

A good electrician should be able to evaluate the entire system and make recommendations on what to update and what to leave as it is. If I were you I would call 3 or 4 well regarded electricians in your area and tell them you want an estimate for rewiring your entire house. Make sure you are there with them when they come to look, and follow them around and talk with them about what they see and what your options are. You'll not only learn a tremendous amount about your house, but you'll quickly determine who is the best fit for your needs in terms of their expertise and recommendations.
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Hello Jo = Welcome.
- Build Well -
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